Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Arrogance of Chris Christie

By Jeff Simpson

H/T David Sirota   Scott Walker's good friend and campaigner, fellow Republican Governor and head of the Republican Governor's Association, openly defies ethics rule.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s ticket and travel to the Dallas Cowboys playoff game on Sunday was paid for by team owner Jerry Jones, according to a spokesman for the governor. The gifts from the NFL team owner follow the Christie administration giving millions of dollars worth of tax subsidies to the NFL.
The announcement from the governor’s office followed International Business Times first reportingtoday on Christie appearing in the NFL owner's box despite strict New Jersey ethics rules. Those rules subject public officials to “a zero tolerance policy for acceptance of gifts ... that are related in any way to [an officeholder’s] official duties.” As governor, Christie has overseen the state’s business with the NFL, most prominently during the 2014 Super Bowl.
Christie has cited those same ethics rules in barring other New Jersey officials from getting special access to tickets to events at state-owned arenas. 
Even though its impossible for Christie to hide anywhere, our political class has pretty much decided to not even hide their flaws or their open defiance of the law.  As long as we keep voting for people because of the letter after their name and do not hold them accountable for their actions, this will only get worse.

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  1. If you haven't read the book by MattTaibbi, Divide, I highly suggest it. We obsess over street crimes and person's committing minor fraud, but have no problem ignoring and condoning the crimes and fraudulent actions of the big banks and their armies.