Sunday, January 18, 2015

Why The Packers Lost Today

The Green Bay Packers lost a heart breaker today, snatching defeat from the jaws of victories.

One might blame Aaron Rodgers' injured calf. One might blame Mike McCarthy's poor and ultra conservative play calling.  One might blame the defense imploding at the end.

But we know the real reason why the Packers lost today. They were jinxed:

Scott Walker can't touch anything without it turning to shit.


  1. Lol. I can imagine this is satire, a la Onion style... no way your ilk will think you are for real, will they?

  2. Absolutely LOVE this!!! Classic!

  3. Are you really crazy and stupid enough to believe this? Oh, thats right... you really are. Enjoy your WDS moron.

    1. And THAT is the type of humorless dimwit who still
      stands with Walker. Thank you for illustrating.

      I really wonder if this state is cursed after having so many weak-minded losers decide to retain this corrupt and incompetent politician

    2. Right on the money, Anonymous @9:31.

      There's nothing too stupid for a Democrat to squawk about, and nothing too stupid for other Democrats to believe. WDS losers en regalia, indeed.

  4. Good morning, Anonymous trolls! Lesson one: This is what is called a joke: J-O-K-E. You may have to go to the library to borrow a dictionary, since I know you're anti-progress, i.e. anti-technology, but look it up if you get a moment from your busy day (poor things) working so hard and doing SO well under the "leadership" of Scott Walker (See? That was a joke, too!).
    We progressives recognize a joke when we see one (While you are busy trying to find the letter "J" in the dictionary, don't be surprised to see "Scott Walker" under examples of JOKE. I know, it's a bad joke, but one we progressives must suffer.)

  5. Well, I would like to believe this was posted as a joke, but given the mental capacity of the blogger, I question whether or not it is indeed a joke.

  6. Open comment to conservatives who lack a sense humor.

    Scott Walker is sick joke to those he made it hard to apply for health insurance or took away their badger care.

    Scott Walker is a poor joke to those he wants to pee in a cup to qualify for food share.

    Scott Walker is a dirty joke for taking dirty campaign money in exchange for sacrificing the environment.

    Scott Walker is an obscene joke on women he enjoys subjecting to vaginal ultrasound.

    Scott Walker is simply a bad joke on education.

    We know by all the email made public he seems to enjoy a good racial joke.

    Yes, Scott Walker is quite the Joker.

    The funniest part is Scott Walker, dilusional clown thinks he is presidential material....HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!