Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Walker Agenda Is Still Working! Part CCXXXIX

Even as Scott Walker gave his presidential campaign kick off State of the State speech, telling us how wonderful things are under his regime, the truth keeps coming out that his agenda is not working:
Great American Cookies left Wausau Center mall this weekend, with little word to anyone, even its employees.

"Everything was there Saturday, then Sunday it was gone," said Samantha Cox, manager at Wausau Center's Biggby Coffee, located near the cookie shop. She said people throughout the day Sunday came to ask her what happened, and she learned from employees that they didn't expect the closure.

The grate is pulled across the store front and all the signs have been removed.

The abrupt closure of Great American Cookies comes on the heels of an announcement late last week that Deb Shops will soon close its doors in Wausau, along with the rest of the retailer's roughly 287 stores.

Mall officials are investigating the departure of Great American Cookies.

"He (the owner) closed, but we're not sure — we're trying to get in touch with (the owner)," said Wausau Center General Manager Kirk Kamke about Great American Cookies.
This store closing goes along with the closing of three other stores in the mall - Deb Shops, JCPenney and The Tea Shop.

These stores are just the latest victims of Walker's economy, in which he has taken billions of dollars out of the economy and directly into the pockets of companies and CEOs who have contributed to his campaign.

And with RTW (Rob The Workers) legislation pending, it's only going to get worse as more money is siphoned out of our economy and people are able to afford even less.


  1. nothing to do with declined retail sales in January after the seasonal rush. or the increase in online sales over the past x number of years. nothing to do with increased health care costs due to obamacare. nothing to do with increased taxes from the federal government. but EVERYTHING to do with Scott Walker.


    1. Federal taxes did not go up. Health care costs have gone up at a lower rate since Obamacare was implemented. The states around Wisconsin have stronger economies. Why is Wisconsin lagging?