Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Scotty GaGa

H/t Senator Chris Larson:

Scott Walker shared his State of the State speech ahead of time, applause breaks included:

Is anyone that petty, controlling and paranoid, really Presidential material? I thought it was pure power and ambition but it appears he is in it for the applause!


  1. Scott Walker is nothing more than a pinch of freeze dried cow chip when in comes to national politics. He is a poseur, hoser and revisionist composer on a presidential run. Governor pee in a cup is runs on getting tough on food stamps, beating down K-12 public education and making your state budget a campaign ad. Coward, fucking coward! His campaign is better than Gorilla street theater because he is a career politican who runs against government and wishes to be the #1 Commander in Chief at the pig's trough. What's next, Governor fill his pockets with dirty money? Will you look over Lake Gitche Gumee and declare war on the tribes and call that foreign policy experience?

  2. Get real Scott. On the Republican pecking order, you are lower than Shitt... or Mitt depending on the day and time.

  3. The "Applause" noted in Walker's speech was for his brainless audience so they could follow along with their own copies and hit their "Cue"