Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Ghost of Bill Kramer

By Jeff Simpson

Not sure what it is about "Friends of Scott Walker" that they think women are their own personal play toys but the fun never ends when republican thugs gather to honor our Governor.

Well it is usually not much fun for single women.  At the inaugeration ball, Republican Bob Westman allegedly channeled his inner Bill Kramer:

Authorities were called to the ball at Monona Terrace around 10:30 p.m. Monday, and arrested Robert J. Westman, 45, of Madison, on tentative charges of battery and fourth-degree sexual assault, police spokesman Joel DeSpain said.
A 44-year-old Onalaska woman told police Westman had been bothering her -- touching and trying to kiss her even though she repeatedly asked him to leave her alone, police said.
The woman sought help dealing with Westman from a 55-year-old Onalaska man, who confronted Westman and told him to stop, DeSpain said. About 20 minutes later, the man told police, he saw Westman bothering the woman again and went up to him once more, telling Westman he was going to call security, DeSpain said.
Westman "responded by head-butting the second man in the face," DeSpain said.

Following a looooooong line of lack of personal responsibility within the Republican party, Mr. Westman fit right in:

Westman claimed he and the woman were "having a good time," and that the touching was consensual, DeSpain said.
"That’s not backed up by any of the witnesses we talked to," DeSpain said.
No word yet if Mr. Westman can get his trial moved to Waukesha or if Judge Randa has made it illegal to investigate headbutting incidences yet.

More info on this very unsurprising story, as it becomes available(pictures from facebook).

Or maybe Bob was just wearing Hai-Karate:


  1. He was probably just grinding with the other like-to-have-fun-with-the-ladies Republican legis. Its a sure bet that Vos was involved. It does sees a little odd that the 'victim' was out and about dirty dancing at the Governor's Ball by herself without her husband?

  2. Well, fatty, it's not like the guy got tanked and then busted for drunk driving in Jefferson county like your role model and hero, Graeme Zielinski...

    But hey, as long as you want to play comparative morality, why don't you Google "Bill Clinton" + "pedophile" and report back with your findings?

    Do you think Hills made it a foursome?

    1. Typical comment from a Walkerite. Hey, its ok if someone on the right gropes women and head butts someone because someone on the left got caught driving drunk.
      How about a New Years resolution? Never make excuses for a perverted moron by saying so and so did this.

      Your logic is not only foolishness it is also immoral. If the allegations are correct, the guy sexually assaulted a woman and head butted someone who defended her. The "tough on crime GOP" says he's one of us just forget about. On the other hand, is it possible that since the crime was against a woman that its ok. Which is Anon?

    2. My two word response to Anonymous--- Randy Hopper

    3. Randy Hopper...three time loser! Even his own wife voted against him...

  3. "Well, fatty, it's not like the guy got tanked and then busted for drunk driving in Jefferson County like your role model and hero, Graeme Zielinski..." You're right, it's not like that at all. First, your little friend got tanked and sexually assaulted a fellow republican before head butting another fellow republican in the face. I did waste a whole 5 minutes googling Clinton and pedophile...lots of hits, but not one single reputable news agency mentions this old story. just a bunch of previously unheard of RNC proxy blogs spewing innuendo. Strangely, the relatively reputable right wing blogs aren't touching this either. Which just leaves your little friend in jail, charged with assault and sexual assault....After the guy he head butted...kicked his ass all over the dance floor. Quite embarrassing, i'd say.


    This man is a role model for all Republicans to emulate and copy his behavior! A fine upstanding example of the type of individuals that STAND WITH WALKER in Wisconsin. How any District Attorney could even consider charging this loyal Walker supporter with a crime, is beyond me.

    Kudos to the Wisconsin State Journal in minimizing their reporting of this non-story, even to the point of not opening the comments section allowing negative, anti-Walker, anti-Republican comments. The Wisconsin State Journal has been one of the GOP's biggest supporters the past 4 years.

    Of course, the Wisconsin State Journal ALWAYS opens up comments when they sensationalize even the most minor story involving a teacher or other public employee. That's because the Wisconsin State Journal has a long record of encouraging the demonization of all public employees in Wisconsin, especially teachers.

    Some might call that a "double standard", but it's business as usual here in Walker's Wisconsin. Just like a brawl between supporters of Governor Walker at the inaugural ball.... just move along, this is normalcy here in Walker's Wisconsin.

  5. What's next ?

    a supreme court justice choking another one.

  6. Hey fatty, the Democrat "War On Little Girls" continues to get more troubling with each passing day! Care to comment? After all, you are the self-appointed arbiter of comparative morality.

    Just google "Hillary Clinton" + "pedophile"! Ttfn!