Sunday, January 25, 2015

Why Yes, Deanna Alexander Was Lying About Voter Supression

Milwaukee County Supervisor Deanna Alexander, a "rising star" among Republicans, has already gained notoriety for her vulgar, racist tweet mocking the death of a black man, Eric Garner. She added to her shame by using her elected position to raise funds for personal use;

Alexander first came to national attention by using taxpayer money to send out a newsletter that included false information that voters would need a picture ID to vote despite the fact that on October 9, 2014, the United States Supreme Court issued an order against voter ID for the November elections. Alexander displayed an amazing amount of faux outrage in denying that she did anything wrong:
Ms. Pabst called Supervisor Deanna Alexander twice on Friday to ask about a newsletter sent to constituents in October. The newsletter, accurate at publication, alerted fall general election voters that they would need to show a photo ID to vote. After the U.S. Supreme Court reversed the Voter ID requirement for the November election, Supervisor Alexander used email, social media, and a second mailing—a bold post card—to update voters with the new information that electors would not need to provide an ID in order to vote.

“Ms. Pabst knew all of this, yet continued to publish an article falsely proclaiming that the notice was a mistake,” Supervisor Alexander said. “This irresponsible report has increased confusion by leading voters to believe that I either didn’t notice the error or purposely sent untrue information.”

“Ms. Pabst knew on Friday that I had provided voters with two rounds of information and that each were accurate at the time I published them; there was no mistake. Her article is
disappointing and sloppy journalism.” Supervisor Alexander concluded.
At the time, I said Alexander would have been better keeping her big mouth shut.

I was correct.

Recently obtained records show that Alexander was indeed lying through her teeth. Here is the requisition for the mailer:

Click image to embiggen

Since it is hard to read, here is a close up of the top of the requisition:

Click image to embiggen

The gentle reader will note that printing didn't even start until October 9th, the same date that the Supreme Court stopped the voter suppression. Further more, the invoice shows that the mailer wasn't completed until October 20th. Alexander had plenty of time to stop the printing and make the proper corrections. But she willfully chose not to.

There is no doubt in my mind that Alexander truly believes she did nothing wrong with the mailer. Or with the inappropriate tweet, for that matter.

That is the problem with racism. It is so ingrained in the mind of the plantation economy-minded that they can't even recognize the error of their ways. It also accounts for her "rising star" status among Republicans.

But it is still wrong and Alexander needs to be held accountable for her wrongdoings.


  1. Good detective work. Time to send a complaint to the GAB and the Milwaukee County DA. Alexander is a disgusting excuse of a human.

    And extra thanks to AM 620 and 1130 for propping this pig up, along with other racist trash like Joe Dudzik. You caused this, and you should also pay a price for your enabling of this degrading behavior.

  2. Tea/Repubs NEVER know what they do is wrong. They are without conscience, have zero empathy and are pathological liars. I have yet to see any of them really pay for their abuse of government. This includes Tim Russell--his "imprisonment" clearly gave him a new smile.

    1. Oh, I think the Bradley types that pay Alexander's bills know it's wrong, but they don't care. Likewise, limited stooges like DA still adhere to the adolescent mentality that showing doubt or reflection is "weakness", and that ignoring reality and bullying and keeping up the lie is "strength."

      And as the Anon poster notes, these people don't pay nearly enough of a price for their law-breaking and deceptions, so they keep doing it. It's way past time that these grifters and debasers face the music.

    2. Tim Russell is smiling because he knows that now he can collect his "hush" money.

  3. C,
    Great piece. And Judge Richard Posner's dissent in Ruthelle Frank v. Scott Walker (On Suggestion of Rehearing En Banc, October 20, 2015) notes this type of behavior as Voter Fraud in Posner's "nonexhaustive" list, specifically noting this type of voter fraud as "Misinformation." (p. 12).

  4. There you have it. Deanna the Red caught in a big fat lie.