Monday, January 19, 2015

Scott Walker Attacks Hillary Clinton And Loses

One might think that after Scott Walker got slapped around by Ohio Governor John Kasich and TV caricature Chuck Todd, he'd be more careful about the things he said. One might think that, but obviously one does not know Walker very well.

Last week, speaking at Republican National Committee's winter meeting, Walker attacked Hillary Clinton for being a Washington insider and career politician:
“She lives in Washington. She works in Washington. She came to Washington through this president and his administration,” Walker said of Clinton, whom he described as the all-but-certain Democratic presidential nominee. “She was in Washington when she was a United States senator. She was in Washington when her husband was president of the United States. You look at everything that people dislike about Washington, and she embodies it.”
It didn't take long for him to get burned on this:
The liberal advocacy group One Wisconsin Now tweeted on Thursday: "um, @ScottWalker, elected official 76% of his adult life. @HillaryClinton, elected official 16% of her adult life."

The math checks out.

Walker, 47, was elected to the state Assembly in 1993. He represented the 14th Assembly District until 2002, when he was elected Milwaukee County executive. He held that position until 2010, when he was elected governor. Twenty-two of his 29 years of adulthood — or 76 percent of his adult life — have been spent in elected office.

Clinton, 67, served in the U.S. Senate from 2001 to 2009. Eight years of her 49 years of adulthood — or 16 percent — were spent in elected office. Including her tenure as U.S. secretary of state — not an elected office, but a political position — would add four years to the total, or 24 percent of her adult life.

"What people don't like about Washington are politicians who are more focused on helping the elite few than the middle class, and politicians who are more interested in dividing us than coming together to help the middle class," said Democratic National Committee communications director Mo Elleithee. "By those measures, Walker is the last guy to talk about any sort of new approach. He’s pushed tax cuts geared toward the wealthy, while Wisconsin has shifted toward a low-wage economy. And his divisive style has polarized state government in a way that would make Ted Cruz proud. Scott Walker has already taken the worst of Washington and brought it to Wisconsin."
Usually, politicians will tout their achievements when trying to sell themselves to the voters. Sadly for Walker, he doesn't have any positives to tout so he is left looking like a bitter, emotionally-stunted fool.

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  1. It's too bad you along with One Wisconisn Now and Jessie Opoien aren't capable of reading comprehension. In which quote did Walker rip Hillary for being a career politician? The proper analysis based on his statement would be that Walker has spent zero years in Washington compared to whatever number you want to assign to Hillary (you really can't leave out the 8 years of Bill's presidency since everyone knows she much more involved than the average first lady).

  2. Anonymous is whining because his favorite career politician has been proven to be a high-class hypocrite. Waaaaaaa

    1. But doesn't Scott Walker prove himself to be a hypocrite every time he opens his mouth?
      Especially since he is a total career politictan!

    2. Make that low-class hypocrite.

  3. Scott Walker is a master baiter. This is frequently seen in his pubic appearances.

    As he has made it his profession, that makes him a professional master baiter.

    Sometimes (like with this lame Hillary attack) his master baiting is done into a headwind.

    What goes around comes around.

    1. The above @ 8:30 must be one of those funny progressive "jokes" the humor of which is lost except on other progressives.

      There's nothing funnier than potty humor to a six year old or a Democrat.