Monday, January 5, 2015

Scott Walker Has Himself To Thank

By Jeff Simpson - Cross posted at Purple WI.

 In the wierd world of Wisconsin Politics. Governor Scott Walker took to social media, to slap himself on the back.   
"My property taxes went down largely because my technical college portion went down 35.5% because of the money we put in at state."
— Scott Walker on Friday, December 12th, 2014 in a tweet
In what has also become commonplace in Wisconsin Media, Politifact rushed to give him cover.   
In a tweet, Walker said: "My property taxes went down largely because my technical college portion went down 35.5% because of the money we put in at state."
He’s right. We rate his claim True.
A deeper look at the numbers, and we see why the Wisconsin Budget is in such a mess.  Scott Walker's property taxes did go down this year $118.
The governor owns and lives in a $360,000 home on a busy street in suburban Wauwatosa in Milwaukee County. An online database shows his total bill fell $118 or 1.4 percent this year.
His total bill: $8,364.
Of course last year, not so much - up $1100.  
Walker had less to brag about last year at this time, when his property tax bill jumped more than $1,100. It coincided with the 2013 citywide property revaluation in Wauwatosa. Walker’s property assessment rose 11 percent that year. 
OUCH.  By the way, in the four years Walker has been Governor - his property taxes(even after the massive$118 deducation) have went up $1300!  
Our Mathmatically challenged Governor consider taxes going up $1300/yr as a win.   he has himself (and maybe a really poor math teacher in high school) to thank for this.   
I know that the "amen chorus" will attack because the tax increase came from the city of Wauwatosa.  Of course it did, when the State Government starves municpalities and school districts as a way to pretend they cut taxes, the money has to be come from somewhere.  The streets of wauwatosa do not plow themselves.   
Cutting these payments is not saving taxpayers money, it is passing the buck. 
By the way while Scott Walker has his self to blame for his own MASSIVE tax increase, there have been a couple other things in the news that he also has himself to thank -  or blame.  
University of Wisconsin-Superior announced on Friday that it’s suspending five academic programs.
The following programs will no longer be offered at the school as of this Monday:
Educational Specialist Degree
Applied Discrete Mathematics concentration
French minor
French education minor
German education minor
Thanks Scott, now the students at UW Superior will be less prepared to tackle our world economy when they graduate.    
Over the next two years, the state's costs to keep up its current services will outstrip its expected tax collections by more than $800 million, according to the Legislature's nonpartisan budget office.
The brief analysis by the Legislative Fiscal Bureau provides the sharpest picture yet of the challenge that Gov. Scott Walker and lawmakers face as they try to keep the state's main account balanced while weighing competing concerns such as schools, health care and the pocketbooks of taxpayers.
Thanks Scott, sorry I missed your tweet on this piece of "great" news or I could have congratulated you sooner.   
Buckle up, I have a feeling there will be many many more things like this that we get to "thank" Scott Walker for in the next four years.   


  1. Budget genius he is not. Our taxes in a small town went up $300.....2/3 for city government and 1/3 for schools. Public services are needed and Walker seems to feel that he is doing us a favor by cutting state funding for these services. Somebody has to pay but he makes damn sure it's not him as he wants the claim for cutting taxes, as that pays off politically; at least until Wisconsinites wise up and quit believing his continual lies!

  2. Mine went down by $300, add that to $285 in lower income taxes and $440 Gov Walker saved me by the tuition freeze and we're talking real money.

    1. 1. Name the community, kiddo. These are things we can check (PS- you pay property taxes and a tuition freeze helping you? Riiiight)

      2. How are your wages, since they probably suck , given your childishness and general lack of critical thinking ability?

      3. Hope you didn't spend all your one-time gimmick money, you'll be paying it back this year. SUCKER

    2. Jake I am a fan of yours but I do think you are being unfair to right side with out the facts.What is the value of the property for a $300 reduction? My property tax went down mostly due to reassessment reduction of 10%. We also have $92 increased fees to pay for the tax cut. Right Side may discover it cost him more than he realizes for his real money.

    3. That's why I want Right Side to name where he/she lives, so we can see why the taxes really went down. It's easy to look up.

      Plus, Right Side has been established on this blog as a limited-thinking troll, and not really worth of being nice to.

    4. The Right Side is The Right One in the MJS commenting section. He kisses Walker's feet on a daily basis.

  3. Sorry I didn't get back to you guys, but here you go. Town of Addison Slinger schools. 2013 taxes $2,944 - 2014 2,652 sorry Jake you only earn a little over the minimum wage, if you need a job let me know our company is hiring, starting wage (with some training) is about $55,000. Not sure where Jake is going with tuition freeze & paying property tax, my child goes to a state university and Governor Walkers tuition freeze saved me $440 dollars. You may ask how I came up with that number, well if you take the percentage that Doyle and the university system raised tuition the previous 5 years, 5.5%, x $8000 tuition comes to $440 dollars. Show me please we're I'm wrong.

    1. Wow, you live in Washington County. No wonder why you're a mediocre loudmouth. Sure, your numbers add up (although your taxes were up 4% the year before, like Walker, you left that part out), but you don't mention that most of those savings are due to an unfunded $400 million giveaway by the state that's added $400 million to the state's deficit this year, and $800 million to it in the next budget. But hey, you got a one-time savings out of it, right?

      Also, my taxes helped pay for your kid's college at the UW System, and the $3,600 that was taken out of my pocket due to Act 10 gave you the small amount of income tax savings you got this year (of course, you'll be paying it back later this Spring when your tax refund is smaller). You should be thanking me instead of being a childish troll.

      But I' glad to do it, because people like your kid get out of Washington County, realize what a bunch of selfish, backwards losers live there compared to other places, and they take their talents to real cities like Madison and Milwaukee, and never come back. It's probably why Washington County had the rare double of lower home sales AND lower home prices for 2014. Who wants to live next to a bunch of Grothman voters?

      Your projection is hilarious, kid. Why would I leave a great city to live in a cultural cesspool like Washington County, get paid less money, and work for a dimwitted Bagger like you? Get over yourself.

      What you fail to understand is that people like me left the MKE suburbs to make more money in a place that values quality of life over saving $10 on their property taxes. We don't envy you, we think you're pathetic and wish your type would stop screwing up what used to be a great state.

  4. Forgot to address Jake's concern about my wages, if Jake was the deep thinker he clams to be he would have been able to figure them out all by himself, hint, I gave you my savings. I love living rent free in Jakes mind.

  5. The Right Side weighs in with free loading ideology, a derivative of the "free market" mentality. Do you think public services like higher education, public infrastructure and public goods - which you gladly consume - grow on effing trees? Where does this entitlement mentality come from? How about paying your fair share Mr. Right Side. You don't maintain a world class university with anti-science, starve the beast republican ideology. The selfish me only, nobody gave me anything bullshit is wearing thin. You are among the many takers and exploiters out there that buy into Scott Walker's BS. Enough already!

    1. Fitting that he's from the 262, whose whole existence relies upon taking advantage of the resources, jobs and amenities of the City of Milwaukee (and to a lesser extent, West Bend), and not paying a cent toward their taxes. What an ungrateful sod.

  6. my taxes stayed about the same, but on the bright side my pay check is $8,000 less per year...and my pay and benefits didn't even come from taxes. So...I spend 8k less per year, thus defunding the local economy, no one pays less state or property taxes on my account, and I still pay the same state and property taxes I did last year. Should I cheer?