Sunday, January 4, 2015

Walkergate: Doe, A Deer, A Phony Deer Hunter

In 2010, to hear Scott Walker tell it, he was suddenly a lifelong avid deer hunter and outdoors man.

Shortly after getting elected, the charade stopped when he hired Cathy Stepp to be the head of the DNR, in order to make it more business friendly.  Thus far, Stepp's claim to fame is to open the door for pit mines and pollution and to put hit jobs out on  Bambi and Giggles the fawn.

Walker's disregard for deer hunting continued when he hired his deer czar. Charles Pierce, writing for Esquire, explained it pretty clearly (emphasis his):
Walker's already better than halfway to selling off all of Wisconsin's public lands to private pillage, but Dr. James Kroll, the guy Walker has put in charge of deer hunting, takes things to a whole 'nother level. (First hint that Wisconsinites are being sold out? Handing their deer hunting authority over to a guy from Texas.) Back in 2002, Joe Nick Patoski of Texas Monthly wrote a long piece about the battle over deer hunting regulations in that state, and Kroll obliged by doing a half-gainer off the deep end. You see, Kroll doesn't believe in public lands. Her believes that the rights of plutocracy extend even to the wild spaces, and is a big fan of the kind of ranches that Dick Cheney goes to so he can mistake his friend for a dove and shoot him in the face....

...Kroll, who has been the foremost proponent of deer ranching in Texas for more than thirty years, doesn't mind the controversy and certainly doesn't fade in the heat. People who call for more public lands are "cocktail conservationists," he says, who are really pining for socialism. He calls national parks "wildlife ghettos" and flatly accuses the government of gross mismanagement. He argues that his relatively tiny acreage, marked by eight-foot fences and posted signs warning off would-be poachers, is a better model for keeping what's natural natural while making money off the land...
As the gentle reader could have predicted, with all of Walker's mucking about - not to making hunting less affordable in the state's sinking economy - deer hunting numbers have been dropping like a stone.

Abe Sauer wrote a piece at The Awl which really catches Walker's whole problem with trying to present himself as a deer hunter:
But an entirely different strategy is to frame the cheeseheaded governor as a man of the outdoors, a true hunter—just like Sarah Palin.

On Monday, Walker tweeted a selfie. Wrapped in hunter orange, the governor complained that the deer must hate the cold as much as he does. Walker tweeted the selfie about the frigid, deer-less cold from his personal account as well. Even more boldly, Walker is selling himself as a seasoned hunter without even setting foot in a field or zipping up a shred of Boehner orange. Early in November, Walker traveled to Virginia to campaign on behalf of part-time Cialis model and Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli. It was a doomed venture but Walker’s team did manage to sucker Politico to state as fact that Walker had cancelled his planned bow-hunt to campaign for Virginia’s Touch Of Grey® spokesman.

Unless it has disappeared, Walker has never tweeted from a hunt before. (A request to his office for a clarified accounting of Governor Walker’s hunting experience was not answered.) And as far as the Internet record is concerned, it seems there is a reason for that.

In the end, “experienced deer hunter” Scott Walker’s 2013 deer hunt appeared to last about as long as it takes to climb into a deer stand and tweet the view, tweet a selfie two hours later and then have spokesman Tom Evenson issue a statement to the Associated Press that Governor Walker had completed his 2013 hunt “without getting a deer.“2 Total 2013 hunting time, including bow season: about four hours. But then, maybe Walker is hoping he’ll get more than the nine-day season after his administration’s recent proposal to open an eight-month season that would add “about two-thirds of the acreage in the Wisconsin state park and trail system” for “hunting and trapping.”
In the recent release of the latest batch of the Walkergate emails, Walker's then secretary and scheduler, Dorothy Moore confirms that Walker wasn't much of a hunter then.

In the email in question, Moore is responding to Darlene Wink who was asking a favor for a friend of hers and Walker's, Chris Kujawa, to have Walker appear at a benefit for Thomas More High School, a private school in Milwaukee:

In the grand scheme of things, this doesn't show us anything new.  It only confirms what we knew all along - Walker is a phony and will do and say whatever he thinks the people want to hear, even if he knows it to be a flat out lie.  Sadly, this characteristic of Walker's is not limited to deer hunting but extends to everything under the sun, including taxes, job creation and education.


  1. You tree hugging liberuls just don't understand that Step was proving her marksmanship by calming her deer hunting nerves enough to shoot not some big target but the SMALLEST target she could find.

  2. She should not be handling a gun or shooting anything at all. That's what YOU don't understand. It's liberals, not liberul and it's also Stepp, not step. Seems you don't understand a lot, perhaps keep your criticism to your trigger-happy smart self.

  3. Stepp is an idiot. Walker is a phony.

  4. OK here are the right wingers heroes filming the 2013 deer hunting message. They filmed it in the front yard at 99 Cambridge Court. AKA The Governors Residence. These tools could not even go to a county park and do this. They are dishonest to the core. Then this tool hurts his thumb this year. When he pulls the trigger while he is taking the safety off. DUMB F*&#K.
    I know that this add was filmed in the front yard. Because I was there.

  5. Walker is many things. He is a fake, a phony, a liar, a grifter, a poseur, and a self proclaimed desperado. He is low life career politician who exploits the conservative base.

    He is also not those things he claims to be. He is no Badger fan, he is not a deer hunter, and he is no Christian. Scott Walker believes is never wrong, which is blantantly false.

    There is an especially hot place in hell reserved for Scott Walker.

  6. walker is an idioitic liar...we are entering idiocracy with these fools at the top.they are ONLY in those positions because of selling out to crooked...wake up you self rightous righ wingers...

  7. I have to appreciate Scott Walker for all the wonderful things he is doing for the Minnesota economy. We are booming over here!

  8. you fucking idiot crapper.

    the hunt may have been down because of the brutal winter the year before, and the unfavorable weather conditions during the majority of the gun season this year. But that would bring logic into your argument....

    1. Yeah, sort of like how even the sales of licenses were down this year, right? Oops, is that the logic you mentioned?

  9. I see someone got an early start on the cocktail hour. The keyboard, like guns don't mix well with alcohol Corey.