Saturday, January 31, 2015

Sharpless Quote of the Day!

By Jeff Simpson 

From WPR:

John Sharpless, a former Republican candidate for Congress and who teaches history at UW, voiced his frustration on Friday over the belief that professors aren't working hard enough. He said he arrives no later than 9 a.m. and leaves no earlier than 5 p.m.  During that time, he said he’s either teaching, preparing lectures, doing research, attending required committee meetings, advising students and managing teaching assistants. Sharpless added that he often spends his evenings reading and grading papers.
“None of this seems like work to a guy like Walker because he lives a different life,” he said.  “And I’m not going to make fun of what he does.  I’m sure being a governor is a lot of work.  He has to spend a lot of time in Iowa and South Carolina and North Carolina and courting other Republican big-wigs.  That taxes the man horribly.”

He suggested that to help with the budget shortfall, Walker should give back the money that he makes when he leaves Wisconsin to campaign for a possible presidential run in 2016.

“I think Scott should take a leave of absence and do this on his dime or the dime of the big corporate guys who pay his jet fare,” Sharpless added.


  1. And over at the mainstream media: Sykes was on Bice's chat inferring that profs put in 5 hours a week.

  2. As a state employee on the near side of three decades in service, I found a statement Sharpless made on WPR several months back to be telling of how the Wisconsin republican regime considers my value as an employee. The remark Sharpless made, was that republicans in Madison were pleased that Act 10 caused such a large number of state employees to retire.
    Nice job republicans, just like how the Packers should trash their player's union contracts causing the players to quit, and then the Pack can hire junior varsity college players as replacements.

  3. How does it feel, John Sharpless? What do you think all those teachers who had their pay and benefits reduced as a result of Act 10 do during their work days (and nights)?