Saturday, July 30, 2016

Endorsement: LaTonya Johnson For SD 6

When State Senator Nikiya Harris Dodd made her unexpected announcement that she would not seek reelection, it left her seat open.

Shortly thereafter, State Representative LaTonya Johnson announced she was running to fill that seat and has been the front runner ever since, and with good reason.

Before entering politics, Johnson was an in-home childcare provider.  She went on to organize more than 400 other childcare providers to unionize and join AFSCME.  Johnson is still a member in good standing today.

After winning her seat in the state assembly, Johnson continued to be a strong advocate for Milwaukee, especially its children and its African American community.  She has also proven herself to be a champion of women's rights, workers' rights and voters' rights.

Because of her excellent record, Johnson has earned the support and endorsements of AFSCME, the Milwaukee Area Labor Council as well as several other unions.  Even more telling, she has received the full support and endorsement from Senator Dodd Harris.

Johnson does have two primary opponents - Michael Bonds and Thomas Harris.

Bonds is the former MPS board member who is basically looking for a job where he can get a lot of money without working very hard.  Bonds hasn't even bothered setting up a website so that voters could get to know him.  His only campaign promise has been to work with the Republicans.

Harris is the Abele Party candidate.  His experience includes working for City of Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, Milwaukee County Emperor Chris "Boss" Abele and the sellout senator, Lena Taylor.  To show you how bad Harris is, his only endorsement that I am aware of is Boss Abele, and that is only because Abele thinks Harris would be one of his puppets in Madison, like Lena Taylor and Joe Sanfelippo are.

It should also be noted that Harris doesn't even live in the district. How invested can he be in that community that he doesn't even live there?

Most noteworthy, Barrett decided to endorse Johnson over Harris.  When his former boss recommends someone else over him, that should tell the voters all they need to know.

So please, join me in supporting LaTonya Johnson for the 6th Senate District.  To learn more about Johnson and to show your support, you can check out her website and her Facebook page.

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