Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Unbiased News Director Calls For Massive Boycott of Liberal Madison

By Jeff Simpson

Ken Herrera, The NEWS Director of NEWStalk1130 AM on the public airwaves in Milwaukee, had this to say about Madison, WI(when a judge overturned the so called right-to-work law:

"No surprise here...it's a Dane county judge...I am happy to say that in the 12 years I have lived in Wisconsin...I have never...and will never, set foot in Dane county. I don't want to spend even one penny in that liberal bastion. It's sort of a personal thing..but my wife and I agree we will never enter Dane county as long as we live. We have actually taken routes WAY around the county to avoid giving money to the libs who have businesses there...this has been my personal boycott for as long as I've lived in Wisconsin...and I'm quite sure I will never, ever spend a penny in Dane county...because I will never, ever visit... I wish every conservative in the state would adopt the same pledge... avoid this county... when you spend money there you are only helping the liberal cause..."
 Here is more about the guy who will never enter Dane County as long as he lives:

Ken Herrera

I’m one of those people who got into radio right out of high school. A brief stint at the Columbia School of Broadcasting back in 1977 and the next thing I knew, I was “on the air” in Port Arthur, Texas! That’s where my real education began as I ended up as a news person at a station that, in 1978, was purchased by Clear Channel Communications. Talk about the circle being complete! My career started at iHeartMedia (they only owned stations in TWO markets back then, San Antonio and Port Arthur) and, hopefully, it will end with iHeartMedia.My wife and I chose to live in Wisconsin because we absolutely love it here! We could easily be living in any other state in the nation but of all the places we have lived in our 40+ years together, none has made us as happy as Wisconsin. We plan to retire here and often joke that our home in Thiensville IS our legacy to our two sons, Joseph and Chris.

I would point out that a possible cure for the Zika Virus comes from the liberal bastion that he hates so much, which is important since the GOP that he loves, is playing politics with actual funding of the ZIKA virus to help all Americans.   However, our friends at Political Heat explained how devastating an actual boycot of Madison would be to the whole state.  Typically in WI these days, our friends on the right do not have much interest in actual economics when they have the opportunity to advance their ideology.

The reason I wanted to point this out again, is to show what kind of "news" that the people in the Milwaukee area are subject too.  There is a reason the people in the WOW counties vote so overwhelmingly red.  It is out of fear a steady diet of BS.   When a blatant unapologizing right winger is a "news"director at a major radio station on the public airwaves, it is no wonder many people do not understand what is actually happening in WI.

Herrera responded on the Devils Advocate facebook page with this little rant.

Ken Herrera No... it's a personal boycott...to answer your question about whether my personal beliefs interfere with my news judgment.. The left is always holding boycotts that are highly publicized.. mine has been, until now, a quiet, personal one that has nothing to do with my selection of news stories to run...or the "slant" of any story. I think any listener to WISN will know I run stories that are pro-left.. and anti-left just as much as those that are pro-right or anti-right. I just personally don't agree with much of what the left holds out, so I choose, as an individual, not to contribute my money to the left. That's just a personal decision and has nothing to do with my profession... one I have followed for almost 40 years now and I believe you won't find anyone in the country who would question my ethics as a journalist. Except, of course, you... based on a simple Facebook post. But I'm not surprised because that's usually the way folks on the left operate...

There are a couple of claims in his little rant, besides the fact that he is not biased at all just ask him, that are open to question.

1.  Any listeners to WISN know i run stories "pro-left" : Not enough Google in the world can find one though.   Unless of course he considers "waffle art" to be his contribution to the left.

2.  You wont find anyone in the country who would question my ethics as a journalist.

I found one:

    I worked with news and sports hosts, too - Robb Edwards, Jon Belmont, Ken Herrera, Jonathan Green, Len Kasper, Bill Michaels - to help them craft ways to sound human and "real" behind the microphone without violating the separation of church and state that existed between the station's talk and news programming. Sometimes I succeeded. Sometimes I didn't.
    And we were successful, consistently ranking No. 1 among persons 12 and older and in the top five in the advertiser-coveted 25 to 54 demo. Yet I was often angrily asked, once by then-Mayor John Norquist, why we just didn't change our call letters to "WGOP." The complaints were just another sign of our impact.

Also, in a huge bit of irony, Mr. Herrera's twitter feed is full of complaints abut the "liberal media".  

Now we know that "news"talk 1130 is just another arm of the far right wing contingent in Milwaukee and any story coming from them should be taken with a HUGE grain of salt.

Mr. Herrera's contact info:

Call: 414-799-1130
Email: KenHerrera@iheartmedia.com


  1. We boycott conservative establishments. In particular I never tune to AM radio or subscribe to cable or dish where most of this crap is spewed on the "NEWS" channels.
    Instead we use only free commercial digital TV and Netflix at home and patronize local theater groups which tend to be very liberal.
    Saves a ton of money every month too!

  2. I'll bet blaska and him are best buds.

    and when they get together they have a lot to add to society.

    dream on.

  3. Don't worry Ken. I try not to spend a dime in Ozaukee County and the rest if the WOW County BubbleWorld.

    Somehow I think you guys need us in 2.9% unemployment Madtown a helluva lot more than we need you clueless Baggers.

    "Newstalk" 1130. Riiiiight.

  4. Ken, you're more than welcome to get the hell out Milwaukee too. Enjoy your endless shrimp at Red Lobster, and all that free parking.