Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The WISGOP White Out

By Jeff Simpson 

As Capper wrote recently, Irony is definitely NOT in short supply in WI.   With the right wing hypocrisy and fake outrage, if could mine it, we could actually pay the massive debt that Scott Walker keeps running up.  
Unfortunately, we in Wisconsin are not able to make money off it, we just have to be embarrased by it. 

With the entire nation gripped by the horrors of the Dallas police murders and the shooting deaths of two black men, it's understandable for UW-Madison to hold meetings to allow its student body to discuss what happened.
What no one might have expected, however, was that the university held two meetings: One for white students. One for non-white students. Similar segregated meetings have been held at the University of Missouri and Oregon State University in response to past events.
Talk about taking the concept of the "Safe Space" to an entirely new level. 
Anyone see the hypocrisy here?

Check out Charley's list of contributors!   White As Can Be!!  No matter how hip Kev B is!

Speaking of safe places, I have not seen such segregation since I was at the Capitol!

Sometimes Chuck is so silly, these things write themselves.   I guess I will be heading to Right Wisconsin to get all of my racially inclusive news from now on.  


  1. Don't tell me Cognitive Dissidence is part Cherokee Indian like a certain senator?!

    1. Blaska, political blogs do not have racial ethnicities.

    2. Alright, Aaron, since you are having difficulty, I'll spell it out for you: Jeff Simpson, Chris Liebenthal, Aaron Camp — do you have sufficient melanin to criticize others' racial makeup?

    3. Wasnt criticizing their racial makeup just showing their hypocrisy! Snowstorm meet Gallon of Milk

    4. Logic and consistency are not Blaska's strong points. Apparently, in blaska's world, one has to be at least slightly brown to recognize groups of white people...

      Unless of course,one is Blaska: Blaska's real reason for posting was to reanimate that idiotic republican "faux-a-hontas" meme in an attempt to discredit Hillary's potential VP pick. Blaska and his friends are trying to do this by calling into question whether "a certain senator" has any native american DNA,as she has claimed.

      kind of makes me wonder: Blaska do YOU have sufficient melanin to criticize or otherwise question other peoples racial makeup? In retrospect, can your little pea brain wrap itself around the silliness displayed in your post? I'm not holding my breath here...

  2. there you are lying blaska, come out of your hole.
    I see you are ignorant as ever.
    Any comments on that past posts about your buddies prosser and walker, NO,

    I didn't think so.

  3. Holding racially segregated meeting WAS a stupid idea.