Friday, July 8, 2016

Ron Johnson Needs To Denounce Racist PAC Ad

The gentle reader already knows that ads run by PACs are sleazy. The gentle reader also knows that ads run by conservative PACs are even sleazier. And when it's an ad from a conservative PAC that is already hitting the panic button in trying to save Ron Johnson's flailing and failing campaign, well, the sleaze is beyond imagination.

From Jessie Opoien of the Cap Times:
A Spanish-language radio ad from a controversial political group accuses Russ Feingold of not wanting Hispanic babies to be born, in an effort to persuade Latino voters to support Republican Sen. Ron Johnson in November.

"I have a question for Feingold. Why should you have my vote if you don’t want our babies?" a woman asks in an ad airing on Spanish-language and gospel radio stations in the Milwaukee and Racine markets.

The ad opens with a man asking whether it matters to Feingold that "Hispanic babies are twice as likely to be aborted as white babies."

The man later says the message he hears from the Democratic former senator is, "To improve our lives, abort our future."

"We don’t need to kill our future, we need to have hope for our future and know that opportunities will triumph and grow," the man says. "Ron Johnson constructed business and created more than 100 jobs. We need jobs, not abortions."
In short, they are accusing Feingold of wanting to commit genocide against Latinos. It might be the wet dream of these race-baiters, but in no way has Feingold come even close to saying anything like that.

The ad is from America's PAC and they have dropped $66,000 to flood the Milwaukee area airwaves with this smut. And it's not the first time they ran something like this. They ran a similar ad in 2014 to support Scott Walker in his reelection campaign, targeting Latinos and African Americans.

To add to RoJo's shame, when the Feingold campaign called for RoJo to disavow the ad, RoJo skirted the ad and mewled about the ads being run by conservation groups, veterans groups and others. Apparently, RoJo is in full acceptance and agreement with that message.

It's crap like this why RoJo has been consistently in double digits behind Feingold in the polls. Sending RoJo back to his father-in-law's company cannot happen soon enough.

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