Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, White Out

By Jeff Simpson

What a week it is turning out to be, and it is only Monday.   First off, Speaker Paul Ryan (R- Wall St.), Instagrammed this pic that he was so very proud of.  

While Paul Ryan (R-Wall St.) usually likes hanging out with Billionaires, this is even a bit much for the Dark Knight. 

While Bruce Wayne can not handle the White out, Republican Congressman Steve King sure can:

Iowa GOP Congressman Steve King (R-KKK) is sick of being questioned about white men, What have any other races but white males ever contributed to society(stop dont answer that. we do not have all day!).  

Capper himself even pointed out that Sean (Pay me more) Duffy has shown his love for Trump because it was about time that white men in America had a voice in our Government!

Let's here from their speechwriter.  

In Case You Were Wondering, if both sides were the same?  Here is a pic of the Democratic class of interns:

Now just in case this election season is not scary enough....let me seal the deal!

Sorry for your insomnia!


  1. Sean Duffy complains about being a white man? But for Duffy crying is first-nature,

    In 2011, as you guys have noted, Duffy complained about his $174,000 salary and tax payer-financed benefits. No wonder Republicans had to gerrymander Duffy's district.