Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Wauwatosa Hillbillies

By Jeff Simpson

You seriously can not make this stuff up.  Warning this not from the onion.

We have pointed out in the past, that while Scott Walker blew through over $7 million dollars, most of it drinking cheap beer(all while clocked in on the Wisconsin taxpayer dime).

Not to be swayed, Scott Walker has continued his drinking ways even at the Republican National Convention.

Now we know why Wisconsin taxpayers had to pay for 45 WI State Troopers to travel to Cleveland, to make sure Scott Walker did not drive drunk.  

Wisconsin, is officially the drunkest state in all measurable ways.   Not sure how good that is for tourism but it sure helps make us the butt of many jokes.   

I do not begrudge the Governor an occasional beer, but when you are pictured with one in almost every stop, all hours of the day and as often as you are, maybe its time to rethink your professionalism or habits.   

To make matters worse, Scott's son Alex, just turned 21.   What was the special gift that the Governor gave his son for this milestone?   

If you guessed Beer you would be correct.  

Pure Class!  

 22 hours ago22 hours agoWe got Alex 21 Wisconsin beers & a beer cap map for his 21st birthday. Happy Birthday Alex!!!

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