Saturday, July 9, 2016

Sasha Fierce Did It!

By Jeff Simpson

In light of the tragic events that happened this week from Alton Sterling and Philando Castilo both being shot and killed by police on video and then the horrific shooting of 11 Dallas Police officers by Micah Johnson, it has been a bad week for love and caring in the United States.

Luckily we have Puck's Ex-Girlfriend, and reality TV "star" Rachel Duffy, from the Northwoods of WI to come out of her cabin and solve our problems.

See the problem is not institutional racism, gun culture, too much hate, divide and conquer, mental illness, a few bad apples, etc...  

The Real Problem is Beyonce !  


From her Facebook page(luckily for her she has wifi under the Walker Administration):

Rachel Campos-Duffy35 minsShame on celebrities like Beyoncé for glamorizing Black Lives Matter. Same for the NFL who irresponsibly gave her a national platform this year to celebrate & legitimize this violent, racist movement. It's time for Beyoncé to get the same treatment by the media that Trump or the Tea Party would get if innocent people were slaughtered at their rally. Time for her to take responsibility for lionizing, legitimizing, and inciting Black Lives Matters.
Rachel Campos-Duffy's photo.
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CommentsLaura Hagedorn That's what I thought!!
32 minsRebecca Garlock Spiros #alllivesmatter
31 minsJim Ribnek She's a racist. She supports an organization that openly advocates the killing of white police officers. Isn't it time to protest her and other entertainers who do this. If that means simple refusing to provide all police protection when they do concerts or refusing their permits the day of their performances, so be it. If they demand accountability if everyone else, we should too.
128 minsMichael Engelhart Nigga Please!

So there you have it.   Sasha Fierce did it, with her dancing at the Super Bowl!   Thank you to Mrs. Duffy for continually solving our problems!    I wonder what crime Bruno mars committed?  


  1. White people are scared. Internal dialog: "After all the shit we've done to them, black folks simply HAVE to be out to get us." Shine a light in Rachel's right ear & you'll see a bright spot on the wall next to her left one.

    The amount of sewage puked into social media in the last couple days by racist POS like Rachel Campos-Duffy is breathtaking. How about this: black people make up about 6% of the population over all, but account for 40% of officer-involved shooting deaths.

    Really, if someone needs blaming, I nominate shockingly clueless, astoundingly racist Rachel Duffy & her ilk. Just because they piss me off, and because the ignorance they wear as a badge of honor really is to blame.

    1. Road Rules Rachel knows where her wingnut welfare checks come from. Yet another clown (alomg with Sean from the Real World) that needs to be removed