Sunday, July 10, 2016

Paul Ryan's Dishonorable Discharge

By Jeff Simpson

I have advocated that Democrats cross over in the 1st Congressional District of WI and vote against Paul Ryan.  That means voting for his opponent, Paul Nehlen in the primary.   This is our best chance to eliminate the  scourge on our country that Paul Ryan has brought us.

As John Nichols recently pointed out, Mr. Ryan has been completely shamed.  His short tenure as speaker has absolutely exposed his many weaknesses and shown him to be a coward in every sense of the word.

As Charley Pierce from Esquire Magazine says of Paul Ryan - "Biggest. Fake. Ever."

Unfortunately the mainstream media keeps painting Pink Slip Paulie as a centrist, intelligent savior.  He has been dubbed the "GOP Ideas guy" too many time to count.

However, what they fail to ever tell you(how many times have the MSM done stories on Paul Ryan and had no counter balance?) is that he has actually done nothing in his time in Congress.

 Can Mr. Ryan himself compromise in the interest of getting legislation signed into law? Many in both parties have come to doubt it after 17 years in which the 46-year-old congressman from Wisconsin has held increasingly influential positions in the House, with Republicans holding a majority for all but four of those years.
This is, after all, someone whose self-described bold ideas have never gained liftoff; he has rarely taken the really bold step of writing them into legislation, with specifics. “He has actually proposed three — total, three — bills that have become law in his entire career dating back to 1999,” said David T. Canon, chairman of the political science department at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. One named a post office in Wisconsin, a second changed taxes on arrows used by deer hunters, and the third, this year, established a $3 million presidential commission on “evidence-based policy making.”

A quick recap, of his 17 years, he has been in the majority 13 of them and has passed a whopping THREE bills.  In a huge bit of irony, the last bill that the ideas guy passed, was a $3 Million dollar STUDY on how to use evidence to actually make policy.  

Let that sink in for a minute!

It is absolutely time to evict Mr. Ryan from his lofty perch where he makes over $150,000/yr plus Cadillac benefits to name a Post Office every twenty years!  

Please join me in supporting and voting for Paul Nehlen on August 9th*!!

edit note:*  Once we eliminate the threat to the nation that Paul Ryan is, then we can go back to actually deciding on the issues between the Democrat and Mr. Nehlen.   There is NO law that says who you vote for in the primary you have to also vote for in the general!

Lets look forward to bringing Paul Ryan home so he can be buying his $350 bottles of wine in Janesville and stimulating his hometown economy that desperately needs it!!!

Here is Paul Ryan helping drive General Motors out of Janesville!


  1. More reasons to send Ryan home. He opposes the Social Security program the most successful and effective program for helping Americans in our history, Simply eliminating the income cap that Social Security tax applies to which would mean the super wealthy would pay into the fund as a percentage of their income that the rest of us do would add $130 billion per year and secure Social Security for all of us for another 100 years. Ryan wants to increase defense spending by cutting support for safety net programs. America now spends $610 billion on defense annually.This is more than China, Russia Saudi Arabia, France, England, India and Germany combined. We have 4% of the worlds population but spend 42% of the global military expenditures! Our Marine Corp alone is larger than the entire British Army. Ryan supports and benefits from the military/industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned us to keep in check. On Social Security alone Wisconsinites should not send Ryan back to Congress!

    1. Then there is Medicare and ACA that are on his list to privatize (destroy).

  2. ...and, then there is a citizen legislator, Tom Breu, Democrat, to vote for November 8th.

  3. Please remember that the Democrats have a primary as well, and that of the two Democratic primary candidates, Tom Breu is the only one who supports women's reproductive rights.

    Crossing over to vote for Nehlen is very dangerous because he could win, and would be 100X worse than Ryan. Go to Nehlen's website, look at his issues! Crossing over to vote for Nehlen would be like crossing over to vote for Trump. Be careful what you wish for!

  4. I respect voting in the primary if you have a dog in the dem primary fight.

    I reject however that nehlen could be 100xs worse. If you compare him to someone like grothman, what they do is say really stupid things but have no power. No one takes them serious.

    While Paul on the other hand, speaks a good game but I would make the argument that he is the most bitter partisan in congress he just knows how to hide it. All while the Mai stream media tells us he us a fiscal conservative ideas guy who is the moderate voice of reason yet nothing in his record fits that profile.

    Who is lore dangerous? The wolf or the wolf in Sheeps clothing?

  5. If you live in Milwaukee County, stay in the Dem primary, to keep the Kochs from sabotaging John Chisholm.

    Anywhere else in WI-1? Screw Purty Mouth Paulie. And Nehlen is such a xenophobic fool that the Dem candidate could well beat him. Honestly, Ryan could be beat as well, but why not Cantorize that smug fool on Aug. 9.

  6. Seriously, where do you start with this guy. With your help and others, the "real Paul Ryan" is starting to emerge, and it's ugly. Though Lou Dobbs would like to see a more radical Ryan, his criticisms are right on the money.