Sunday, July 24, 2016

Getting Real with State Senator Gary George

State Senator Gary George is not a dumb guy. He's held several leadership positions in state government and is held in high regard by people on both sides of the political aisle. He is challenging the much-beloved US Representative Gwen Moore in the upcoming election, but some of his answers at a recent Community Brainstorming session were just plain weird.

When asked why he is running in Rep. Moore's district, when running in another district without an elected representative who is African-American would broaden representation in a state governed mostly by white people, he said it was where his mother lived and where he grew up. Fair enough, but the guy's primary residence is in Grafton. It has been for 26 years.

His grand plans for reducing crime include building more prisons and jailing more Black people. How will this be accomplished? By bringing in US Marshals! Yes, that was his actual answer according to those in attendance.

Other strange comments included him taking credit for creating the School Choice program. He said he was THE founder. No matter how you feel about that topic, does anybody really consider him to be the founder of this program in Wisconsin? It was hard to take the guy seriously, according to the people in attendance.

Also, check out the Wiki page for him, where he's gone against the community more than once, sided with Republicans (sometimes in tie-breaking situations that ultimately hurt his district in a big way), and the countless ways he keeps getting involved in all kinds of weird stuff (like overthrowing the government of Laos in Southeastern Asia).  Just. Plain. Strange.  It seems like this run against Rep. Moore is one more instance where he's off base about "his" community. Then again, most folks in Grafton probably do think the answer is more incarceration and more law enforcement, so he's not alone there. Just uninformed like they are.

Those in attendance on Saturday saw Rep. Moore list her accomplishments and while some of it was procedural and more relatable on a federal level, she is present, she is responsive, and she doesn't shy away from the challenges of CD4. Let's keep someone with true presence in the district and a record of serving it in office.

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  1. He's just another republican miscreant. I really hope the people in his district have gotten to the point that they are sick and tired of all the damage these republican pirates have done to our state.