Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Paul Ryan Panic

By Jeff Simpson

We have brought you the story that Paul Ryan (R-Wall St.), has a serious challenger this election cycle and how it would be very important and strategic for the Democrats in the 1st Congressional district to cross over in the primary on August 9th and vote for Paul Nehlen.

There is starting to be real panic by his owners that the people of Wisconsin are ready to give Paul Ryan the pink slip that he so richly deserves and has helped thousands of his constituents also get.

Let us count the ways:

First off, the party establishment hacks at Mediatrackkkers are attacking Mr. Nehlen almost daily. The latest poor attempt at a smear job, was when Brian Sikma wrote an article ripping on Mr. Nehlen for doing something Paul Ryan has never done....having a job in the private sector.

Paul Nehlen is running for Congress in Wisconsin’s 1st District attempting to oust House Speaker Paul Ryan in the August primary. Central to Nehlen’s campaign platform is his opposition to current or proposed trade deals that, he argues, send U.S. jobs oversees for the benefit of crony capitalists and the coffers of political campaigns they support. But a review of Nehlen’s work history finds that the firebrand opponent of existing free trade deals actually managed a Chinese factory that exported its product to U.S. markets – products that were once made by American workers.

This just in....Paul Nehlen once had a job....story at 11!

But wait there is more:

Some guy who used to work at mediatrackkkers was upset that we wrote a story about the primary!

Nathan Schacht‏@SchachtNathanFake conservative Paul Nehlen turns to Dems in primary against @SpeakerRyan. … #wiright #wipolitics

(Edit note: I have never once met or talked to Mr. Nehlen. As is par for the course, this accusation is made up).

Then Mr. Schact keeps it up:

Nathan Schacht‏@SchachtNathan

.@Dailytakes, looks like @pnehlen has been a bust at fundraising. At least we won't have to see him on real TV.

Only in right wing world does half a million dollars make someone a "bust". However a quick look at Mr. Ryan and we see why his peers and owners like to consider half a million dollars a "bust".

Ryan raised $15.6 million in second quarter through joint fundraising committee

House Speaker Paul Ryan raised nearly $15.6 million in the second quarter of 2016 through his joint fundraising committee dubbed “Team Ryan.”
The operation has now raised $37.9 million since Ryan became speaker Oct. 29, according to the campaign.
The joint fundraising committee includes Ryan for Congress, the National Republican Congressional Committee and Ryan’s leadership PAC, Prosperity Action PAC Inc.
Ryan’s campaign said he:
*has transferred $25 million to the NRCC since becoming speaker, including $5.4 million in June. That transfer is the second largest by a GOP speaker, trailing only the $6.3 million he sent the NRCC in March.
*sent 83 checks to members of Congress during the second quarter totaling $425,000. He’s now given out more than $735,000 since becoming speaker through 147 donations to members.

FEC Filing, Q2 #wi01, Paul Ryan. Raised: $1,425,611 Spent: $1,751,760 COH: $9,751,503

Paul ryan is setting records on fundraising, and has 10 million dollars in the bank already. Someone really, really wants him to be back in office. Even at tens of millions of dollars, he is a good investment for his owners on Wall St.

That is also why Democrats must cross over. 

If Ryan wins the primary what do you think will happen to whoever wins the Democratic Primary? They will be buried in money with ads telling us how badly Paul Ryan wants to creat jobs and this time he really will...honest!

By the way remember when the family man, Paul Ryan would only take the Speaker job if he got to spend time with his family?

What has the guy who adamanatly opposes the Family Leave act been doing with his time?

Ryan earlier this summer unveiled his multi-plank policy agenda "A Better Way." He spent the entire week before the convention talking about it on TV appearance and to reporters on the Hill, and he'll continue to advocate for it in the coming weeks.
Ryan has hosted over 71 delegation-driven events across the country in 43 cities and 18 states, all while juggling being home with his family in Wisconsin on the weekends. His team says they're just getting started.
Notice the one thing that seems to be missing from his schedule?

If you guessed "HIS JOB" then you guessed correctly and you get a fabulous no-prize(unless you vote for Paul Nehlen, then everyone wins).

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