Friday, July 29, 2016

Headlines Of The Damned

Owen Robinson at Loots and Slobbers really hates red judges...

...or maybe it's judges who wear make up.

Actually, he's just mad because black people in Milwaukee will get to vote.


  1. And how many hard earned tax dollars have these Repugnant Governors blown thru trying to deny citizens their constitutional rights ?

  2. Note that Republicans think they should pass laws to keep people from voting or from getting health care (a major emphasis at this week's ALEC convention).

    But protecting their streams and air from pollution, or getting fraudsters to return millions from WEDC ? Can't be bothered. That speaks volumes

  3. that owen guy is a total loser. all he does is re-print articles that are already written by someone else. he can not think for himself. nothing new from the gop backers in Wisconsin. Next he will be quoting trump.

  4. I kind of liked jackasses in robes with a job for life.

    Wi supreme court anyone?