Thursday, July 21, 2016

Laura Ingraham


By Jeff Simpson 

An interesting tidbit from Charles Pierce on Laura Ingraham:

  CLEVELAND, OHIO—It says something about the crowd gathered here that Laura Ingraham, a famous radio terror, was invited to speak at the Republican National Convention, and that she got a wild ovation at the beginning and at the end of her remarks. Her theme was "Respect." She told a touching story about watching TV back in the 1970s at her Momma's knee and asking why people were burning the American flag."Honey," said Momma Ingraham, "that's because their parents didn't teach them about respect."
When she was at Dartmouth, she edited the Dartmouth Review, during which time she arranged to surreptitiously record a meeting of the campus gay students association. She then outed the members in her magazine and sent the tapes to their parents. She later changed because one of her brothers came out, but fck that, too.
Back in 1995, in a truly embarrassing piece in The New York Times Magazine, there was this darling anecdote about Ingraham's evening in some DC bar.
As we sat in the bar of the Tabard Inn knocking back big glasses of Sambuca ("Should we all sing 'Kumbaya'?" suggested Ingraham), she entertained us with stories of her adventures in El Salvador during the mid-80's. What was she doing there? I asked. "Subjugating third-world nations," she said with a dry laugh.
In the course of the proxy wars launched illegally and luxuriously financed by everybody's hero, Saint Ronnie Reagan, some 20,000 Salvadorans were killed. Archbishop Oscar Romero was gunned down while saying Mass. Four American nuns were raped and slaughtered.
"Subjugating third-world nations."
Yeah, right.

She has a career in politics because why exactly?  Is there anyone on the right with an actual moral compass?

By the way this is how Ms. Ingraham ended her speech last night!

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