Friday, June 22, 2012

Eric Hovde - Humble Hero

Its been an interesting week for Washington DC resident, turned Wisconsin US Senate hopeful, he went from whining about people caring about the poor, to pretending he did not say what we have on video to telling us what a humble hero he actually is

"I have done more for people that are economically disadvantaged than probably — and I've never talked about it publicly because I keep it very low-profile — than all but for a very few people in our society," Eric Hovde  told a forum at the Madison Club
 Hovde then was so impressed with himself, that he "choked up" explaining all of the good he has done

You get a little emotional sometimes because, you know, you've put enormous amounts of your life work (into something) and I've given beyond what anybody normally does — time, money, effort — and to have someone make this kind of attack?"
Yes he keeps a very low profile, he does not like to talk about it, unless of course he has an audience to tell it to that is.   Hovde then (as I have said, listen to them and let them tell us who they are), could not quite let it go.   While he has tried to transform himself this week, he also has come full circle.  He started the week complaining that the poor get too much press coverage and he ends the week upset that they actually get to eat!

In an interview with the State Journal, Hovde said his irritation is with fraud within the food-stamp system, which he called "massive." A system rife with fraud won't endure, and it won't be there for the people who truly need it, he said.

He said he talks equally as much, if not more so, about corporate fraud. "What we have is everybody abusing the system, from the big corporate side to the social side," he said.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates the food-stamp fraud rate is about 1 percent, costing about $750 million a year. Hovde thinks that number is "woefully off."

Eric Hovde,  who used to teach his clients how to “Let Uncle Sam Pay for Your Acquisition", has taken time out of his busy schedule, of campaigning, buying vacation homes and giving to republican
politicians to actually research the US food stamp program enough that he knows that the US Department of Agriculture, who works with this everyday, is "woefully off" in their numbers.  (Some quick advice for Doug Erickson - a follow up question of "what do you base that on?" would have been nice.).

This week has proven that Eric Hovde is a true humanitarian and all around amazing guy!  Just ask him!  

PS:   Tammy Baldwin could use your help, since she will actually represent Wisconsin and not her own ego! 


  1. The irony of a bankster complaining about fraud is enough to initiate a gag reflex.

  2. A
    A "hedge fund manager" who proibly made millions selling short during the crisas has the nerve to run a commercial calling Wall Street brokers criminals. As pointed out to me this week, he wants the Senate job ONLY to have access the "insider trading" info congress gets.