Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Alberta Darling's Rotten, Miserable, Horrible Week Just Got A Lot Worse - And It Was Only Tuesday

Yesterday, we learned that Alberta Darling represents - well, we don't know who she represents. But we do know that she doesn't represent the working men and women or the small businesses in her district.

Today, her week just got a lot worse. And it's only Tuesday.

It started out when we learned that she's being sued by One Wisconsin Now because she has, for two months, refused to even respond to an open records request for any communications between her office and a number of conservative groups and their members, which are pushing for the privatization of our schools.  The only rational explanation for not even putting up a stall tactic with OWN is because there's been scads of contact between them, which would raise some serious ethical and legal questions for her. (This makes the accusations her campaign has been throwing around look all the more hypocritical and desperate.)

Later, she appeared at the Newsmaker Luncheon at the Milwaukee Press Club.  When she was asked to name one company, just one, that had created jobs because of the union busting and the draconian budget, she could only come up with that deer-in-the-headlights look.

Hours after this gaffe, her campaign called to list three companies that had added jobs, but with no mention of when or if how they were related to Darling's policies.  For all we know, they were added well before any of the GOP's malarkey got under way.

At the same luncheon, she was asked if she was going to win her election.

Her answer was, "I'm not sure."

Could you just imagine if the papers had asked someone from the Green Bay Packers if they had a shot at repeating their Superbowl win and Mike McCarthy or Ted Thompson said, "I'm not sure. It depends on how the other teams do."  Fans would be storming Lambeau Field with pitchforks and torches.

I tell you, if I was working or volunteering for a candidate that wasn't confident in her position or her chances, I'd be moving on immediately. Who wants to back someone when even they don't think they're a winner?

And to top off her already bad, miserable, rotten, no-good day, her own supporters put her in an untenable position.

The racist, hate-mongering Tea Party Express is coming to town to show their support for Darling.  Now she has to make a choice I'm sure she would much rather avoid.

On one hand, she can blow off these extremists and risk ticking off a large part of her base that she's been catering to for the past seven months, in an effort to reach the independents who she desperately needs to have a chance.at retaining her seat.

On the other hand, she can accept their invitation to attend their hatefest, at the risk of pushing even more independents, and not just a few Republicans, to the other side.

And this was just Tuesday. I can't wait to see what Wednesday brings, but I have an idea of what it might be.

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