Sunday, August 28, 2011

Prosser's Sacred Vow

The news came out last week that the special prosecutor assigned to investigate the case of David Prosser attacking Supreme Court Justice Ann Walsh Bradley had decided not to pursue criminal charges against Prosser.

This is despite the fact that Prosser admitted to laying hands on Walsh's neck without her permission.  Added to this is the fact that he said he did it out of reflex, showing his innate disposition to aggressive behaviors.

And to think that this all stemmed from the fact that Walsh told him to leave her chamber after he started bad-mouthing Supreme Court Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson wasn't allowing him to rubber stamp Scott Walker's union busting bill fast enough. After all, you can't expect someone like Prosser to be bothered with actually reviewing the facts of a case before making his decision.  He just has to do what the Fitzgeralds tell him to do.

But in an effort to make amends, I understand that Prosser has taken a solemn oath.  He has promised to put on some ill-fitting gloves and search high and low until the real choke-holder is found and brought to justice.


  1. Come on! Stop prosecuting Prosser! All he was really trying to do was size up Justice Abrahamson for a pearl necklace!

    How else do you measure a womans neck other than wrapping your hands around her throat?

  2. don't forget, that tv reporter's microphone was about to attack him when he "reflexively" grabbed that,too.