Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How Many Lies Can You Tell In 140 Characters?

During the excitement of the day, I picked up a number of followers on Twitter.  One of them had the most interesting bio.  I could hardly believe the number of lies that @Teapartyorg was able to squeeze into just 140 characters:

You can click on the image to make it bigger, but what is written is this:
A Grassroots Organization ready to call national awareness to any issue which challenges the security, sovereignty or domestic tranquility of our Beloved Nation
One almost doesn't know where to begin.

It is pretty common knowledge that the Tea Parties are funded by the Koch Brothers through a myriad of front groups.  Having everything paid for my greedy, power-hungry multibillionaires is hardly what an honest person would consider to be grassroots, no matter how far you stretched the definition.

They also claimed to be worried about security of the nation. That is laughable considering that on their agenda is to make the country less secure by advocating for everyone to carry a gun.  Doesn't that just send a  shiver down your spine - the thought of some raving teahadist packing a gun. But I suppose that if one can't win by rational argument and lucid points, one probably feels insecure and has to bully and intimidate others.

As for the sovereignty, I would remind them of the Koch Brothers again and the other oligarchs that are funding these lunatics.  If allowed to have what they think they want, we would be surrendering our sovereignty for a country owned and operated by corporations, many of which are international with their headquarters in other countries.  How is that being sovereign?

And as for domestic tranquility, perhaps they've never heard of a state called Wisconsin.  Nor have they heard of Michigan, Ohio or Florida.  For if they had, they would have noted that teahadist politicians like Scott Walker and the Republican members of the state legislature have been running hellbent to pass the Tea Party agenda.  And for the past six months, the people have stood up and voiced their opposition and have and will continue to take active steps in making the government once again.  Things sure has hell haven't been tranquil in Wisconsin for months and probably won't be for at least the next year at the least.

While the lies and fallacies contained in that short blurb are outrageous and need to be called out at every turn, they're not very frightening.  What is terrifying is that there are people out there who actually cannot or will not exercise enough independent thought to see through this hate-filled nonsense but would rather take the  intellectually lazy route if just accepting this without question.

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