Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Did Ron Johnson And The Tea Party Agenda Do In Paul Ryan's Budget Scheme?

With all the hubbub the last couple of days, I've been preoccupied, like the rest of the state with the recall elections.

It wasn't until today that I realized that we haven't heard a heckuva lot today from Paul Ryan.  Even radio squawker Charlie Sykes, who had a parade of Republicans on his show today to try to spin their loss of two seats as a good thing, seemed to have missed him.

Then it dawned on me that the other big news of the week might have been keeping him quiet.

You will remember that Ryan, the Republicans' shining star, has, as a key part of his budget from hell, privatizing Social Security and allowing people to invest it in the stock market themselves (Or in other words, he proposes to do a work around so that Wall Street can have even more of our money, because the bail outs just wasn't enough for those greedy pigs.

However, now that Ron Johnson and John Boehner having first held the nation hostage in regards to raising the debt ceiling and then forcing their short-sighted, narrow-minded and spiteful Tea Party agenda into the fray, the stock market has been plummeting, dropping 2,000 points over the last couple of weeks.

Even the bullheaded Ryan has to realize that only the extreme lunatic fringe would want to invest their retirement into the market right now.

I do admit that I am enjoying a certain schadenfreude in seeing Ryan's rising star being brought crashing down by his own friends, supporters and malicious agenda.

ADDENDUM:  Lou Kaye at The Paul Ryan Watch noticed my post and expands upon it. A worthy read.


  1. Same thought had crossed my mind. Nobody I'd rather see being "brought crashing down by his own friends, supporters and malicious agenda."

  2. Great point, one that should be brought up often anytime privatization is mentioned.