Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Walker To Endorse Perry

Scott Walker and his bald spot being sworn in
in front of Congress
Breaking News:  Scott Walker, who was considering a run for President for the United States himself, has shocked the country by suddenly shifting gears and endorsing Texas Governor Rick Perry for that race.

Walker said that he was won over by Perry when he saw this article:
Spelling out what is likely to be a key theme in his bid for the Presidency, Texas Governor Rick Perry told an audience in Houston today that as President he would establish universal hair care for all Americans.

In his first major policy address, Gov. Perry singled out “bad hair” as the principal cause of the country’s problems, from jobs to crime to the national debt.
Walker, pictured to the upper right, said while self-consciously holding his hand over the back of his head,  that this was finally something he felt the government wasn't spending enough money on. He added that he planned on kicking another 200,000 single mothers and their children off of Badger Care to start a similar program in Wisconsin. To control spending, Walker did add that one of the restrictions for the new Badger Hair Club is that it would be only made eligible to white, male, conservative governors in the state.


  1. This makes as much sense as other things that Perry, and Walker, have done. Perry says he'll, "do for America what he did for Texas", which I see as a threat, but apparently he sees as a promise.

  2. Heh....I spit out some of my coffee when I read this.

    Nicely done.