Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Walker's Afraid To Run On His Own Record

Jesse Russell at Dane 101 does a good job of parsing an interview Scott Walker did with the National Review's chief water carrier, Robert Costa.

When Walker makes the silly claim that most of the protesters are from Madison, Russell accurately points out that Democrats won five of nine elections in the recent recalls. And that was from all over the state.

I would remind Walker of his time in the Northwoods when he joined Sean Duffy for a fundraiser and was outnumbered by at least 10:1 ratio.

But the thing that caught my eye was this:
Costa opines that efforts to launch a recall against Walker are "unlikely." Walker agreed, saying that he expects "intense folks" will likely still push for his recall, but "we increasingly hear that the White House doesn't want it."
Trying to tie Barack Obama is something that the right wing has been trying to do on and off since this began, most commonly on squawk radio. The reason is simple, they are hoping to play on the Obama's relatively low popularity numbers (although Walker's are actually lower) and on the latent racism that we have seen from the extremists that make up his base. They need to distract the base because Walker is not able to run on his record of hurting the working class and his raising fees explosively.

The fact is that Obama has been taking pains to keep as distant from the Wisconsin battle for rights as he can, to the point where even Zach Wisniewski at Blogging Blue expresses disappointment that Obama hasn't been here.

I am just as glad that Obama is staying away. This is a battle between the people of Wisconsin and the Koch Brothers and their figurehead governor for our rights and for what is right.  We don't really need to have Obama muddy the water and give the right something to focus on as they scramble to do whatever they can to take the attention off of Walker's poor (and about to get worse) record of one epic failure after another.


  1. I agree...I think it is a good thing that the President didn't jump into the middle of this fight. For the same reason that you state.

    One thing that I can't understand is why some folks on the left would automatically believe what Walker says about anything...much less that he somehow knows what the President wants or doesn't want.

  2. When hearing talk of recalling Walker, I can't help thinking of the proverb,"Revenge is a dish best served cold." I'm astonished at the resolve in the recall camp. I get the impression that these folks are conserving their strength and keeping their powder dry, knowing that the time for action is coming but still months away. They are unwavering, and all they need is a leader.

  3. "I get the impression that these folks are conserving their strength and keeping their powder dry, knowing that the time for action is coming but still months away."

    That's exactly what I feel as well. We know we got the goods and that it'll unravel even more on Walker the next few months, so why be pushy and annoying about it?

    Doesn't mean we won't be at the Capitol tomorrow or be dropping a lot of reminders. But it would be nice to have a couple of people say "When the time comes to blow Walker out of office, I'll run against him." (Barca? Kind? Others? The stage is yours)