Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Club for Growth vs. Club for Growth

Well, well, well. It appears that the Koch Brother's pet sheep have taken to eating their own.

Last night, I pointed out that the Republicans (a Koch-owned subsidiary) were having some problems of their own in the upcoming elections, especially in regards to what will surely be a rather contested race for US Senate:
The Republican's are also flailing around when it comes to the US Senate seat as well. Right now their two leading contenders is Tommy "Stick it to 'em" Thompson and Mark "Also Ran" Neumann. Just looking at any right wing blog and you can see their anguish.

They don't like Tommy because he understands that you can't survive by just making the problems worse by endless tax cuts. He just doesn't share their same animosity to success that the teahadists do.

But as much as they don't like Tommy, they dislike Neumann even more. Neumann had the audacity to run against the Scott "It's my turn" Walker. Even worse, Neumann committed heresy in their eyes by actually pointing out Walker's flaws, lies and other misdeeds. To the devout Wisconsin Republican, that's worse than eating a baby.
Today, my prophetic words again came true sooner that even I expected.

It started out early when the national Club for Growth (another Koch-owned subsidiary) launched an attack ad against Tommy Thompson, who hasn't even formally declared his candidacy yet! Here is their ad:

The Wisconsin chapter of the same group (yup, yet another Koch-owned subsidiary) has been taking great pains to make sure that the voters in Wisconsin understand that it's their parent organization running these ads and trying to distance themselves as much as possible.

As I pointed out last night, they really hate Neumann because he dared to speak the truth about Walker. This can be evidenced in these posts by Owen Robinson and James Wigderson. (They're getting angry at Neumann is most ironic since they both back Walker, who lies more than any ten people. Furthermore, they both seem to be truth-telling challenged themselves.)

And to add to this building feud, Jim Klauser, who has mastered the art of writing poison pen letters to Neumann, made the surprise move of writing a poison pen letter to Neumann.

I do have to say it's nice to be able to sit back for once and see the Koch Brothers' puppets doing my work for me by tearing themselves up for a while. Anyone have any popcorn? This looks like it could be a good show.

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