Sunday, August 28, 2011

Jeff Fitzgerald To Run For US Senate - A Case Of Delusions Of Grandeur

Jeff Fitzgerald in a candid moment.
Friday morning, on the Charlie Sykes squawk radio show, State Representative Jeff Fitzgerald made a surprise visit.  During the few minutes he was chatting with Charlie, Fitz the Lesser came just short of making any formal announcement that he is going to run for US Senate.

Apparently he thinks that he will be able to sneak past as the two big GOP bull elephants, Tommy Thompson and Mark Neumann battle it out. (BTW, Neumann is expected to make his formal announcement on Monday.)

Showing a remarkable lack of insight, Fitz the Lesser stated that he thought he'd be able to win because of his fiscal conservatism and for the things that he's done to for Wisconsin in the past eight months.

I was not aware that raising taxes, raising fees and increasing spending was now considered fiscal conservatism.

Anyway, as I mulled this over, I tried to imagine what his campaign slogan would be.  I came up with a few, but I really don't know how they'd help him:

  • Vote for Fitz - He'll take care of those other pesky rights, like allowing minorities and women to vote!
  • Vote for Fitz - His brother needs even more tax breaks!
  • Vote for Fitz - He's Koch Brothers approved!
  • Vote for Fitz - Millions of Wisconsin working families can't be right!
  • Vote for Fitz - He'll make Nixon look like a slacker!
  • Vote for Fitz - He'll do what the Koch Brothers want!
  • Vote for Fitz - Or Prosser will choke the b*tch!
  • Vote for Fitz - It could be worse - It could be Walker!
  • Vote for Fitz - Peace and prosperity are way overrated!
Which ones can you think of?


  1. stupid blog. Only socialists or communists are for the people anymore. Anyone who speaks of personal responsibility or actually upholding the constitution is somehow not for the people... give me a break.

  2. Umm who are you referring to that has spoken up for personal responsibility and/or upholding the Constitution???