Sunday, August 21, 2011

Izzy And The County Grounds Revisited

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to join a large group of people to enjoy the county grounds and the Monarch Trail for what could be its last year.  It really was a tale of two county grounds, as I wrote about over at Milwaukee County First.

But here's a little history.  I first got involved with the fight to save the grounds a couple years ago.  Along with my dear, dear friends Barb and Lulu, one of the people that helped bring me into the fray was Izzy.  Izzy and her mom often visit the grounds and the trail to help deal with the stress of Izzy's health concerns.

Here's a picture of Izzy and her mom a couple of years ago by the Sycamore, the big old tree that draws the Monarchs during their migration:

And a picture of Izzy at the same tree yesterday:

The comical shot of the day:

Um, what road?

And my three favorite shots I got from the event:

The elected officials at both the county and in Wauwatosa should maybe take a look around the state and see how people are reacting to the elected officials who raise their taxes to benefit the rich and ignore the will of the people. Then they should update their resumes. I hear Dunkin Donuts is hiring.

Again, more pictures and details of the event at Milwaukee County First.

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