Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kim Simac: Defender Of Sweaty Street Drugs!

Photo courtesy of TPM
Kim Simac, the GOTeAA+ candidate running against State Senator Jim Holperin in next Tuesday's recall election is a very busy woman. ;She's got books to sell, you know, including that family favorite, "With My Rifle By My Side."

She's so busy that she couldn't be bothered attending an event hosted by a couple of aging advocacy groups. Instead, she filled out the questions in advance and had someone read them verbatim to the group.  I'm wondering if that person really did read them verbatim.  If so, I bet it was a laugh riot.


Well, just look at her answer to Question #4 which I reproduce here, with all spelling and grammar errors intact, but with my emphasis added:
4. Do you support collecting sales taxes on internet sales (e-fairness) to create a level playing field for Main Street businesses and increase revenues to support vital programs for the elderly?

I believe one of the problems with healthcare is that there are so many discrepancies and the lack of transparency in the cost of care, that includes perspiration drugs. levying a sales tax on internet transactions doesn't lower the cost of healthcare it makes the more affordable option more expensive. We should be looking at ways to make healthcare and perception drugs cheaper and that should include FDA approved internet suppliers. True competition will help lower the prices of prescription drugs, we shouldn't be looking to increase prices because of taxes, and this will only make this situation more difficult for our seniors.
At least by the third try, the spellchecker finally kicked in.

This gives me an idea for two new laws they could pass. One, candidates have to pass an IQ test to be on the ballot. Two, candidates must pass a drug test to be on the ballot.

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