Wednesday, August 17, 2011

As Owen Says: They Came, They Spent, They Lost

Owen Robinson, transplanted right winger from Texas, tries to be cute by spinning the recall elections in the favor of the Republicans, in a hack piece which he titled "They came, they spent, they lost."

His spin aside, the title is accurate.

The Koch Boyz dumped millions of dollars in these races, either directly or more commonly, indirectly through their front groups like Americans for (Kochs') Prosperity or Wisconsin Club for Growth (of Kochs' riches).  And who could forget the traveling Tea Party Song and Dance Revue?!

So they came in and spent like there was no tomorrow in order to continue their reign of corporate statehood.

But they fell short.

They had four candidates win.  The Democrats had five win.

Unless you're doing Scott Walker's budgeting, five is greater than four.

And things are so bad for WISGOP that their chair can't even comment on Tuesday's failed attacks on two Democratic senators.  They have to bring in the National GOP chair to try to spin a victory out of the jaws of delusion.

What is means is that the majority of Wisconsinites have regained their senses and are rejecting the notion of corporate serfdom.  But it also means that not enough have hit rock bottom yet and will need time before attempting to recall Scott Walker.  Not as long as the Democrats are hoping, but maybe in the spring when people are finding out that they are paying much higher fees for everything and that their schools are about to see the true impact of Walker's budget.

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  1. It's gotta be getting close to the point where the Kochs realize that throwing millions at Scott Walker and the Fitzes isn't worth the investment, if they aren't already there. The 7-8% shift in votes to the Dems in the recalls tells you Walker would be GONE if the votes happened today (and not by a little).

    It is remarkable to read right-wing loudmouths on the JS and other sites whine about millions in union-backed money while conveniently "forgetting" that the Kochs and WMCs and related right-wing hacks were throwing out a lot more money.

    With that in mind, if we lean on Scotty enough and expose more of his disastrous budget effects, they'll throw him under the bus during a Spring recall and concentrate on the White House.