Sunday, August 7, 2011

Burnt Tea With A Twist

My dear friend and new favorite and favorite new blogger, Lisa Mux, of Waukesha Wonk fame, took it upon herself to go and see what the Burnt Tea rally was all about for herself.

Her take on it is interesting, to say the least, and with a fun twist.  Here's a sip, with the line of the day emphasized:
Also, it was easy to remember I was at a t.p. rally when the master of ceremonies said he was using his vacation time to travel with the Tea Party. Nobody else in the crowd appeared to get the irony of his statements. Um…he has Saturdays off and vacation pay because of UNIONS.

It was really hard not to shake these flag-draped people and tell them that the Tea Party Express is a corporate ploy to get rid of unions, so Repubs can win elections and corporations can rake in cash. I wanted to educate them, prove to them they’re being used, and that they’re willing casualties of corporations. I wanted to tell them how sad this makes me, and that it doesn’t have to be this way.

I was glad when the rally was over and I could go back to spending time with like-minded people…in Waukesha.
Do make sure you read the whole thing.

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