Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Rat Spotted In Capitol Building

Just yesterday morning, I pointed out how Scott Walker was shuffling cronies around from one cushy state job to another.  I ended the post wondering about the biggest of all of Walker's cronies, Tim Russell.

This evening, I have received information from a very credible source that Russell has been spotted wandering the halls of the Capitol Building.  It would be very interesting to learn why he was there.  While he is, of course, allowed to go to the Capitol like any other Wisconsin citizen (unless, per the Walker administration, you're a free thinker and oppose his unethical and amoral actions), it is doubtful that he has been taking frequent tours of the building.

While I have found no evidence that Russell is again an employee of the state, it should raise many questions if he was again being paid by the state in any capacity.

After all, Russell is one of the subjects at the heart of an ongoing John Doe investigation regarding using Milwaukee County offices to do political campaigning for Walker during last year's gubernatorial campaign. Furthermore, Russell's employment would be highly irregular considering that during his former employment by the state, he was fired for using a state credit card for personal use.

Even I, at one time, would have given Walker more credit than to put Russell back on the state payroll, either as a direct employee or in the role of some sort of contractor or consultant, but given his actions of the past eight months, that is something that I would no longer afford him.  His blatant and egregious misuse of his office has been so extreme that hiring Russell would fit in perfectly with that pattern of behavior.

On a different note, in something I am sure purely coincidental, the confirmed Russell sighting at the Capitol occurred on the day that that Dave Zien and his thug friends assaulted the Solidarity Singers.  This, was oddly similar to the day that Russell just happened to be at a anti-Walker rally two years ago when a CRG goon assaulted union officials, including a woman, outside of Serb Hall.

If anyone happens to be at the Capitol and sees Russell (pictured above), please show extra caution but do let me know.


  1. there's an online directory of state employes. i couldn't find this guy there.

  2. One of Walker's favorite stunts is to pay his cronies through contracts, i.e. consultants. Unfortunately, it'll be over a year before he makes those records available.