Sunday, August 28, 2011

This Should Happen In Every Community

Every city, town, and village in the state, in the country really, needs to follow Wausau's example:
Newsline 9 has learned Rep. Sean Duffy has been told he is not allowed in this year's Labor Day parade in Wausau.

Duffy's office received that news earlier this week from parade organizers. His office was also told no Republicans will be allowed this year.
And the money quote:
"Usually they've been in the parade, but it seems like they only want to stand with us one day a year, and the other 364 days they don't really care," said Randy Radtke, president of the Council. The Council is made up of about 30 local unions from the Marathon County area.

In a statement, Radtke added that parade is intended to celebrate working men and women and what the labor movement has given them: weekends, a 40-hour work week, child labor protection and a safe working environment.

"It should come as no surprise that organizers choose not to invite elected officials who have openly attacked worker's rights or stood idly by while their political party fought to strip public workers of their right to collectively bargain," Radtke said.
I wonder if any community is going to be so myopic and/or masochistic as to allow Scott Walker into their Labor Day events. They could become the pariahs of the state in a second if they do.


  1. I'm a Northwoods resident. Non-union. I, too, do not want Sean Duffy in this parade celebrating working, middle class families. Duffy does not represent us, and, to have him in this parade would be an insult. Same goes for Tom Tiffany, Pam Galloway...

  2. Dump on labor all year, then want to walk in 'labor day' parade? Hell no!

  3. a related thought on labor and the lack of respect hard work gets you in this country but ever notice that the most difficult, back breaking physical labor done for long hours is routinely demeaned with a phrase like "unskilled labor" . Pfft, whatever... i consider what walker and co. are doing to the state to be the most unskilled labor and if that college dropout hadn't had the connections to get elected and was forced to actually work with his soft hands he would be sorely weeping i predict .

  4. this is amazing... kudos to Wausau!!!

  5. The more I think about it, the more I think that not only should the Republicans be banned from the parades, they shouldn't even have the day off of work.

  6. Exactly Capper!! Is Scott Walker working on Monday? Because if he isn't he sure as hell should be! If he is so adamantly opposed to labor unions then fine, get your ass to work! Also, I think his entire term er.. rather regime should be an incentive to impose a minimum IQ requirement for any public official who can determine policy.