Saturday, August 6, 2011

How Alberta Darling's Really Bad, Wretched Week Started - Burning Britches Behind Her

I don't know how in the world I missed this.

I've been chronicling Alberta Darling's really bad week, but missed the Friday before which could have triggered it all.

Darling apparently took to burning britches behind her when she got caught lying about her opponent, Sandy Pasch.  And her lies about Pasch were so grievous that the conservative Milwaukee Journal Sentinel couldn't spin her out of the self-created mess:
In seeking to tap into anger in some quarters over the Viagra issue, Darling claims Pasch voted to allow it for school district employees.

Darling cites Pasch’s support for collective bargaining. But there was no vote in Madison on the matter. The issue was resolved in Milwaukee when an arbitrator ruled in favor of the school district -- years before Pasch came to office.

We rate the statement Pants on Fire.
So that's how Darling got to the point where she is now.

Most people crash and burn. Darling couldn't even get that right. She had to burn and then crash.

It will be so good to see her go crashing and burning on Tuesday.

H/T to Illy-T.

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