Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Walker Budget Is Already Working! Part XIX

A scant ninety days into Scott Walker's budget, and we see it's having it's predicted effect on the job market:
Wells Fargo plans to lay off 31 employees at its Wells Fargo Capital Finance and commercial banking groups in downtown Milwaukee beginning Nov. 29.

The San Francisco-based bank told Wisconsin state officials that employees would be notified of the layoffs on Friday. Wells Fargo disclosed the layoffs in a Friday filing with the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development.

Wells Fargo gave no reason for the layoffs.
Doesn't it make you so glad to know that they're so successful in driving away jobs that they are calling another "special" session to accelerate the downward spiral they've put the state in.


  1. I thought Wells-Fargo was Minnesota-based?

    I've read in other places that the session was called "special" in order to circumvent certain rules that were applicable only in a "regular" session. Any thoughts on that, and which, if any, rules or procedures they are?

  2. It's a control thing. The Republicans want to suspend the normal rules of conduct to make it easier to ram through their speical interest bills before anyone has much of a chance to review them.