Monday, June 4, 2012

Time to Address Those Nasty Rumors!

There have been some nasty rumors floating around the internet lately, all trying to influence the election.  Since this election is unique to us, they can not really call it an October surprise but maybe a May one.  Instead of pretending they do not exist, lets look at a few of the nastiest rumors with the least basis in fact and debunk them for you here.  

That way when you vote in the recall elections tomorrow you will be armed with the most relevant facts necessary!   

Rumor #1:  Scott Walker is doing exactly what he said he was going to do and what he campaigned on. 

False:   Scott Walker campaigned all over the state telling everyone he was going to work with the unions then the day after he won the election he started working to end all public unions.  Nowhere did he ever  say that he would take away collective bargaining rights for all public employees.    

Rumor # 2:  Recalls should be just for crimes and malfeasance in office.  These recalls are not being done in the vein they were written into the Wisconsin State Constitution.    We should let him serve out his term and then if we do not like him vote him out.

False:  As Professor Ed Fallone, from the Marquette University School of Law Points out: 

The recall provisions contained in the Wisconsin State Constitution were never intended to be limited in such a fashion. The original design of the right of recall is, in fact, intended to permit voters to recall elected officials for virtually any reason so long as the procedural mechanisms of the State Constitution are followed.

Rumor # 3:   According to the Walker campaign, the Bureau of Labor Statistics confirmed their new job numbers and Wisconsin has been adding jobs under the Walker administration.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics absolutely did NOT confirm Scott Walkers numbers:   

“I confirmed that the BLS has completed its process of reviewing and verifying the data. I did not verify or acknowledge any actual numbers or data to Wisconsin officials,” said Clayton.

And Wisconsin is dead last in job creation under Scott Walker!   

Rumor # 4  “Governor Walker Promised To Control State Spending And Eliminate The Historic $3.6 Billion Deficit Without Raising Taxes. The 2011-13 state budget signed by Governor Walker Eliminating the $3.6 billion deficit without raising taxes. (2011 Wisconsin Act 32)”

False:    As our friends at Badger Democracy point out

To say that he has balanced the budget without raising taxes, in light of this information, is a lie. No coincidence that $500 million is the amount the DOA estimate “found” to increase revenue from the previous LFB estimate. Over $500 million, and more in interest, charged off to future generations two decades distant – while Scott Walker insists his “reforms are working.”

Rumor # 5:  Scott Walker has reformed our education system and saved the taxpayers money.  

FALSE:   Scott Walker's ACT 10 has cost this state dearly and there has been NO reform of education

Rumor # 6:  Scott Walker has been a friend to the Military Veterans of our State.  

FALSE:  Nothing could be further from the truth!  Check out this facebook page and join the discussion

Rumor # 7: The "John Doe" investigation has no basis in fact, and it is just a partisan witch hunt.

FALSE:  Scott Walker is the target of the John Doe investigation and it looks like he will definitely be charged with crimes both local and federal within the next few months.   More Here!

Thanks for taking the time to put an end to these nasty rumors flying around the internet and make sure and share this with your friends, family and neighbors.   See you at the polls!!  


  1. I attended the Memorial Day ceremony at Union Grove's Southern Wisconsin Veterans' Cemetery. While Gov. Walker and Sen. Wangaard wisely kept their remarks to the topic at hand--honoring our fallen veterans--it was Reggie Newson the DWD person in charge of vets' affairs, who made a few push-the-envelope political statements regarding Walker's support of veterans. It was quite embarrassing and irking, especially in light of what you posted above.

  2. As to Scott Walker facing charges goes, check this out. . .

  3. I second Steve Reynolds' recommendation. I just read that post at Blogging Blue. It's so good that I thought I already was at this blog!

  4. what happened to the story about dwd sitting on bad job news and letters of disqualification for uc claimants until after the election?


  6. Nate Silver thinks the bells have tolled for Barrett.

    " Two polls released over the weekend suggest that Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, a Republican, remains the clear favorite to win Tuesday’s recall election.

    Although the contest is fairly close, polls of gubernatorial races are ordinarily quite reliable in the late stages of a race. We have not officially released a forecast for the race, but Mr. Walker’s lead of about six points would translate into almost a 95 percent chance of victory if we used the same formula we did to evaluate gubernatorial races in 2010, which derives its estimates from the historical accuracy of gubernatorial polls over the past 15 years."



  9. And I got analysis that shows Nate Silver is being lazy and that this baby is dead even. But hey, I actually live in Wisconsin and take look at who votes in our state instead of making judgments from random numbers from biased organizations, so what do I know?

    I refuse to believe the people are this stupid that they don't see through these obvious lies, and so Tom Barrett will win tomorrow. But if enough people are weak enough to allow Walker to stay in office, the many lies spelled out above and the exploding-by-the-day Walkergate will make sure his remaining stay in office is a short one.

  10. Your analysis is ridiculous Jake

    Republican turnout was terribly depressed in 2008 because every Republican in WI knew Obama was going to win the state and the election

    Republicans are fired up now because of the monumental overreach of these constant sour grapes recalls

    Blowback is a coming, and its a coming tomorrow

  11. Yeah Nate Silver does bad analysis

    Yeah, OK