Monday, April 21, 2014

Beau McCoy - Vote For Me, I will Hit The President!

By Jeff Simpson

Beau McCoy (R-Racist) republican gubernatorial candidate thinks its best if the people of Nebraska do not have healthcare! 


Beau makes his feelings clear about Obamacare by saying, "It's bad for Nebraskans.  It's bad for every American.  It needs to be repealed."  Until then, Beau has been leading the effort to protect Nebraskans from as many of the harmful effects of Obamacare as possible.  He supported the state not opening its own healthcare exchange due to its extremely high long term cost.  He is committed to not expanding Medicaid under a plan that would cost the state millions of dollars.

The facts be dammed:

Actual Obamacare results are in. And in most cases they are exceeding expectations.

  • 8 Million+ citizens are now enrolled in Obamacare.
  • 35% of citizens enrolled in Obamacare are under 35 years old.
  • Obamacare has brought economic security to all consumers of health insurance.
  • Over 14 million have received insurance over the exchanges and via the Medicaid expansion to Obamacare.
  • Medical cost is now growing at less than 1/2 the previous rates.
  • Obamacare is shrinking the deficits.
  • It is fact that repealing Obamacare would increase the budget deficit, raise premiums, and take away insurance from millions of Americans.

 It is almost an impossibility to win a primary on the right if facts are important to you.  However Beau takes it one step further, if you are a  minority stand out of Beau McCoy's way or you will get backhanded!  

What kind of society are we living in that this is ok?  who in the world would come up with this idea and approve it through to the final stages of actually putting it out there to view?

Where is the republican party of Ike? and is there any hope at all for a resurgence of sanity?


  1. You're not too bright, are you? Why do you continue to refer to Beau McCoy as 'Beau Stafford'? Even a good opposing journalist wouldn't miss someone's last name....twice. clearly your 'facts' are thrown together in a hasty blind response.

  2. Beau McCoy says he will create jobs but when a gambling bill was presented by the horse racing industry to save and create jobs, beau was the most vocal opponent, already having lined his pockets with vote buying money from gambling with the good life, an anti gambling lobby funded by Pete ricketts and warren buffet, both of whom made their fortunes gambling on the stock market. Hypocrisy from the millionaires. Instead of allowing expanded gambling and thus creating a new source of revenue, our candidates would rather keep raising the taxes on the same things they've been overtaxing for years. Jon bruning vows to declare any expanded gambling as unconstitutional. He is the only attorney general in the country that won't allow Indians to have a casino on their own land. I wouldn't vote for any of the aforementioned even if acorn sent me to vote illegally repeatedly. Mike Foley is the only candidate to actually do his job well, making the republican primary an easy choice.