Sunday, April 27, 2014

Tanya Bjork Must Resign!

H/T Political Capitol:

Carpetbagger lobbyist Scott Tyre (and his partner Tanya Bjork(she of the Mary Burke campaign) of Capitol Navigators, Inc.) have not been meeting the filing requirements to do business in Wisconsin.

After receiving a notice that the corporation would involuntary cease to exist for failing to comply with state government filing requirements, Capitol Navigators has managed to stay in business. However, the entity still hasn’t filed an annual report with the state for the past three and a half years. All corporations doing business in this state must file an annual registration.

Obviously, the agencies in the Walker administration have been lax with enforcing rules and regulations.
 Tanya Bjork has become Toxic for the Mary Burke campaign, and now that we know she was a player in the original caucus scandal and now refuses to follow the law in her own lobbying business, she has set precedence that rules do not matter to her.  Tanya Bjork apparently sees herself above the law in the same vein as her peer Kelly Rindfleisch. 

Do we not have higher standards for our state than Scott Walker?  Just know that when you donate money to Mary Burke, it ends up in these hands!   I recommend reading Steve Carlson @blogging blue for more Democratic Voter suppression tactics.

For the good of Wisconsin, the Democratic Party and Mary Burke, Tanya Bjork must resign ASAP!!


Update:  We at Cogdis were able to get a statement from Capitol Navigators:


  1. Jeff, thanks for the excellent post. I also read Steve's piece at BBlue.

    The idea that cannot be overlooked is that both party's national leadership, the US Congress and the oligarchs ARE in charge and still all want our votes at election time as they battle for a bigger share of the pie among themselves.

    Bjork's resume' is totally pro-money and pro power for monied interests from her position as a chief among Obomba re-election operatives to a point sales person for the ACA (to KXL to drones, to Syria, to Africom, to fiat currency and gas/oil control in Ukraine, to persecuting whistle-blowers...) give away to insurance profiteers to her personal business interests.

    Shorter, she is not straddling any political fence as we are losing a class war and her team is definitely not with the 90%. I agree whole-heartedly whatever happens to the rest of us in this election, it is of little importance to her either way. Mary Burke should drop her.

    In thinking about this I ALSO almost immediately recalled the old adage saying to keep your friends close and your enemies even closer. I think Mary Burke has considerable savvy in finance, difference being Mary Burke also has a developed social conscience, unlike Walker or Obomba.

    Regarding Steve Carlson's piece at BB, how many Democratic candidates actually advertise their party affiliation on their campaign literature, how many wish that the ACA was not on their party's resume' (obviously for reasons differing than the reasons presented by Republicans).

    Appreciate your efforts. Thanks again.

    1. Forgot Bjork's credentials from this site: and I see I was less than clear in stating that working for team POTUS made all team Democrats responsible for the parenthetical issues regarding BHO, which I started listing above and which team Democrat was unwilling to discuss pre-2012 and will NOT take nor admit responsibility for now.