Friday, April 11, 2014

James Wigderson - Ladies Man

By Jeff Simpson

While the main stream media begrudgingly covers the Wild Bill Kramer saga, we at CogDis have covered his despicable actions extensively.   Heck our friends all over the blogosphere have also covered it very well

A quick rundown, Bill Kramer (R-Waukesha) was recently elected by the republicans to be their leader.  Despite very strong objections from one of their members, who pointed out that he had a serious habit of acting inappropriately in public.  Despite the republicans in the assembly being fully aware of his behavior, Bill Kramer was overwhelmingly elected to be their leader.  Recently the Assembly fleebaggers fled to Washington DC to attend a $50,000/plate fundraiser in their honor.

There must have been an open bar, because Wild Bill got drunk and groped on a lobbyist. Tip one;  Lobbyists can screw the people of WI unwillingly but that is as far as it goes.  Kramer, being from Waukesha felt a true sense of entitlement and persistence after being turned down the night before.  Kramer then proceeded to "allegedly" prey on a woman on the plane ride home. 

The feces hit the fan after this, as there were many witnesses, and when another woman found out what he did, she also filed charges.   That is where this story took an interesting turn for the worse when we found out that the woman who Kramer "allegedly" assaulted three years ago told US Senator Ron Johnson, who could have stopped this sexual predator in his tracks, but decided that the good of the republican party trumped the safety of women in his party.  

I thought I had seen every angle there was to cover on this story so far, then I read Wiggy!  Remember,  Minor league blogger from Waukesha James Wigderson, was the one who vehemently endorsed the predator to be the leader of the Assembly republicans:

Kramer’s style may not endear him to Madison liberals; it does represent the conservative nature of Waukesha County. As majority leader, Kramer can lend some much-needed spine to Republican leadership who are hoping to coast through the next elections without offending anyone.

Just when you think he could not be anymore ignorant and disgusting, comes this!  

Which party is waging the supposed “war on women?” Because women voters might want to remember which party is willing to let a possible rape victim be victimized again to score political points.
Is it any wonder the alleged victim did not want to step forward before now? The Democrats’ actions will certainly discourage women in the future from complaining about predatory behavior by members of the Legislature.
Fortunately, more reasonable minds in the Assembly Republican leadership are prevailing – for now.
Jimmy Wigderson is saying that while Kramer is "allegedly" a sexual predator, AND the republicans know about it and elected him their leader AND Repubican Senator Ron Johnson knew about the attacks of a woman three years ago and did nothing, AND while Kramer is supposedly in "rehab", he is still collecting a full paycheck and sweet benefits all provided by the wonderful taxpayers of WI.  

Despite all of that, the true people preying on women are the Democrats because they want to expell Bill Kramer.  

Fortunately more reaosnable minds have prevailed and keeping Bill Kramer on the taxpayer dole, is the way to go(but only if you truly care about women)!

Ladies and Gentlemen, your republican party.  

(image borrowed from Wiggie's public blog).


  1. Widgerson seems to confuse Kramers hard on with a spine

    1. Who says there was a hard on? I wouldn't be surprised if Kramer is a serial non completer if you get the drift.

  2. Speaker Vos and an appointed special committee on Ethics and Standards of Conduct could easily shield the victim(s) of Rep. Bill Kramer (R-Waukesha). Wigderson delights in being full of shit, and emitting his nonsense in prose. Scott Walker, the Assembly leadership and the Ethics Committee could present sexual predator Bill Kramer (R-Waukesha) with the opportunity of dragging the entire Assembly body, and adding egregious insult to criminality eventually calling the victim to explain the particulars of Kramer's crime, as though this would contribute to the defense of Kramer, a canard Wigderson knows to be false. Kramer would back down against the combined entire 98 members of the Assembly, Scott Walker, his district, and facing two felonies. Speaking of spines, every Democratic legislator and office holder, including that person running for governor (what's her name again? Joe Zepecki likes to keep it secret) should be demanding expulsion, not resignation.

  3. Great comments, thanks to all.

  4. If there is a Mrs. Wiggie, you have to wonder about what she thinks about Mr. Wiggie's stance here. Just sayin'.

  5. Based on Mr Wigderson picture he is a big guy.

    So could someone answer this?

    How does he manage to twist himself into a pretzel to spin each and every story he writes?

    Remarkable feat !