Friday, April 11, 2014

Mike Ellis Raw

Forget the edited versions by Breidbardt's little Gilligan Jimmy O'Keefe, here is the full unedited version. 

It is interesting that Scott Jensen sicced this guy:


 on Senator Mike Ellis for not doing what he was told on School Vouchers.  I guess it takes a "formerly" convicted felon to use one of his peers to send a message to make sure and support what he is doing.  

For the School "choice" advocates, do you really think Scott Jensen's priority is educating your kids or padding his wallet?


  1. It's funny that Ellis used the real name of his donors. If this was all horse manure he was talking about, Then why bring up the Mills brother (fleet farm) . Mrs. Aylward Former owner of Neenah Foundry. Why not use a fake name? Mike time you go out drinking............Learn to shut your mouth!!!!!

  2. Bye Mike:

    1. Forget Ellis -- why aren't we talking about the politicians who have actually engaged in illegal campaign coordination instead of those who just thought out loud about it? The forest is the problem here, not one tree.

  3. Mills millionaire Grandson, Stewart Mills III, is waving his millionaire-heir-and-bored flag in Minnesota.

    That's why Mills is mentioned.

    A bunch of rich spoiled brats who haven't earned a dime, but were born with unlimited cash.