Sunday, April 6, 2014

Milwaukee County Voters Send Mixed Message

Last Tuesday, voters in the Milwaukee County Communities of Shorewood, Whitefish Bay and Wauwatosa Citizens United and to return democracy to the people.  The referendum passed easily in all three communities, with 76%, 65% and 64 %, respectively. had the opportunity to vote on the Move to Amend referendum, which calls for congress to pass legislation to overturn

However, these same communities also vote to approve the referendum to slash the salaries of county supervisors in half and effectively ending representative government at the county level.

Those numbers are inconsistent with themselves.

By cutting the salary to poverty wages, the only people that will be able to run are the independently wealthy or those that are being subsidized by groups like the Greater Milwaukee Committee, the Bradley Foundation or Americans for Prosperity (excuse me for repeating myself).

In other words, when having the question put to them directly, most people want big money out of government, but then turn around and open the door so that only big money can get into government.

Some days, I just can't stop shaking my head.  Is it any wonder we're in the dire straits that we are in?

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  1. Most voters are ignorant and don't know how government works. They'll vote to slash anyone's salary if they can and don't understand the politics behind the slashing of county supervisors' salaries. Do they even know what supervisors make? Hell no! Look, if you want voters to understand something, pretend you're explaining it to kids in first grade. NEVER assume that they know what you know or have any idea how government works.