Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Kramer Canard

By Jeff Simpson

Capper had a great story about how upset the republicans are about the whole Bill Kramer fiasco - that they got caught! 

Let's take a small look at the Bill Kramer "alleged" sexual assault timeline(H/T Quint Canard):

*  Travels to a fundraiser in D.C., where he assaults one woman and harasses two others. He's ousted from majority leader post four days later, but no further sanctions are taken.

*  A woman he assaulted three years ago contacts police, and he's charged with two felonies. She had contemporaneously told an official with Waukesha Co. GOP, who not only did nothing, but continued to cheerlead for Kramer.

*  Turns out the woman in the 2011 attack worked for Sen. Ron Johnson. She told his chief of staff and he told Johnson, who did absolutely nothing.  

*  The police report!

*  The criminal complaint!

* Jakehasablog and Blue Cheddar delve more into it also.  

One final note, I called Bill Kramer's office yesterday and his staff refuses to answer any questions regarding Mr. Kramer.  They said that Kramer was "still in treatment" and that they now answer to the chief clerk. It appears the republicans are going to let Mr. Kramer skate through the rest fo the year collecting a taxpayer funded healthcare and salary!  Remember the republcians, knew about these incidences, and still voted him into Party leadership. 



  1. Kramer is a Looker!

    Those dames were crazy to turn him down.

  2. And he's a classy guy:

    "the defendant was really drunk and was sloppy, stumbling, louder and more obnoxious than usual"

  3. Kramer and his girlfriend?