Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Jumping Into The Crazy Season With Both Feet

When political campaigns start swinging into full gear, it's often referred to as the crazy season.  And there's not many places where it gets crazier than Fitzwalkerstan.

Case in point would be in regards to Robin Vos. Almost everyone - with the possible exception of Michelle Litjens and a handful of Koch/Bradley Foundation employees - would agree that Robin Vos needs to go.  There are few that are as sleazy, disreputable, greedy and power hungry as Vos.

So when it was announced that Vos was going to be primaried, one might have thought it good news.  But they actually found someone even crazier and more to the right than even Vos - a secessionist:
According to the Racine Journal Times, Bryn Biemeck -- the Republican taking on Vos this fall -- is touting her support of states' rights. That's the reason she said she is opposing the Common Core education standards for Wisconsin schools.

Biermeck -- a 28-year-old bank employee -- said she also backs a resolution that will be taken up at the state's Republican Party convention in Milwaukee next month that “supports legislation that upholds Wisconsin’s right, under extreme circumstances, to secede."

The Mount Pleasant Republican said she believes in “approaching states’ rights (with) that attitude.”
Sadly, the Democrats have yet to put up anyone to run against these doofuses.

The fact that the Dems haven't put up anyone in that race is because they are also busy jumping into the deep end.

Today, State Brett Hulsey announced that he was also running for governor.  Husley is saying all the right things that Mary Burke won't.  He's for reversing Act 10, protecting the environment and restoring public education.

Burke, on the other hand, has been doing double talk regarding Act 10, claiming that she wants to restore collective bargaining for public sector workers, but then goes on to praise Act 10, which took those rights away.

It was refreshing to hear a politician speak with passion and like a progressive.  Unfortunately, as Wisconsin Soap Box points out, Hulsey has so much baggage that he needs to turn in his red convertible for a 8-ton box truck.

If only there was a way to take Husley's platform and passion and combine it with Burke's calm demeanor and big money, we'd be talking about the Dems winning in a landslide.

Instead, we are all just jumping into the crazy season with both feet.


  1. From my comment (before I read your post) over at BB.

    Hulsey has not spoken one ISSUE IDEA in his announcement that Mary Burke, Mike Tate and every anal, timid, anemic county Democratic party leadership caucus in the state should have been shouting from the freaking roof-tops to this point. If Burke wishes to beat Hulsey, all she needs to do is accept the real and to the heart, absolute VALUE of the ideas Hulsey has stated, explain her reluctance to do so until NOW and place those ideas squarely in the fore-front of her campaign.

    Burke has thus far failed to speak a MESSAGE that resonates so clearly and simply to everyday voters who don’t have the time to follow the nuances and details of politics the way some of us news junkies and political junkies attempt to do.

    Thank Hulsey profusely for his INVALUABLE input and the INSPIRATIONAL LANGUAGE of his POPULIST MESSAGE and adopt it, fully. Give him the salary of any two of Burke’s totally UNIMAGINATIVE campaign managers and then offer him a position as campaign press secretary. Team Burke wouldn’t know a righteous POPULIST message even if one kicked them in the ass and one just did. I’ll reserve further judgement on their cognitive abilities for a few days.


    1. You know you could charge the Burke campaign big time consulting fees for that kind of advice. Unfortunately Burke's "unimaginative" (much too kindly put) handlers appear to be determined to stick to the Walker-lite strategy. Sadly for Wisconsin, maybe that really is all she is... But I'd like to be proven wrong.

  2. In my own mind I'm trying to square Hulsey's declared platform with the Judas goat who grabbed a bullhorn and told protesters to follow him out of the Capitol building. All I'm getting is a trapezoid.

  3. There is an announced challenger to Vos: Andy Mitchell of Burlington.