Friday, April 18, 2014

Some Ramifications Of The Ellis Incident

We've already seen that the video of Mike Ellis bragging about how he ran the state senate and how he had plans to destroy his opponent by the use of a Super PAC by a Republican operative has raised a lot of questions that the corporate media will not touch.

The Ellis Incident also has a lot of ramifications, such as the compromising of Judith Rhodes Engels, who seems more and more likely to be a subject in the ongoing John Doe probe.

But, as we have seen too many times with the Republicans, there is more.  There is always more.

Void in the 19th

With Ellis bowing out and not running for reelection, this leaves a void in the GOP's strategy of maintaining, much less strengthening, their strangle hold on the senate.

The Democrat who is running, State Representative Penny Bernard Shaber is already a well known and popular person in the area and has been running her senatorial campaign for months.

This leaves the Republicans to scramble to identify their candidate. Some of the names that have entered or been bantered about include: former representatives Steve Wieckert and Roger Roth, current representative Dave Murphy and State Treasurer Jack Voight. 

There isn't much to any of these people but the stench of losers.

The ramification here is that the Republicans powers that be felt it more important to sacrifice Ellis than to holding that seat.

The New World Order

Ellis was one of the few remaining old school Republicans.  But he was also a bit of a loose cannon.  He, like so many of his colleagues, was known to speak first and think later.  

But he was also known to kill a bad bill, even if it was a GOP bill.

The new world order, led by the likes of Scott Walker and Robin Vos, doesn't like independent thinkers.  They only want obedience and conformity.  If they want to know what you think, they'll tell you what you are supposed to think.

What happens to Ellis is what happens to those that don't toe the line.

The ramification here is that Ellis was used as an example to other party members.  It doesn't matter what's on your resume. Step out of line and the man will come and take you away.

Sons of Doe

Since a Super PAC had not yet been set up by Ellis, he probably will miss being a subject in the ongoing John Doe probe.  

However, the matter of fact way that Ellis talked about setting up a Super PAC would indicate that this would be a common thing for him and other Republicans.

You know that the investigators have seen this video and have parsed every word of it.  Will this give them better insight on the machinations of the GOP and the third party groups?  Will it give them a better idea of what to look for and what questions to ask of the people who are being investigated?

The ramification here is that in their zeal to punish and make an example of Ellis, the GOP might have just inadvertently compromised the very people and third party groups that they were trying to protect.

The biggest ramification from all of this is that despite having the big corporate money backing them up, they are still so paranoid and insecure that they are still making stupid mistakes like these.  If the Democrats find a way to exploit this, and not screw it up themselves (they have that knack too), things could get very interesting this fall.

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