Wednesday, April 9, 2014

HEY Waukesha - Give Us A Break!


By Jeff Simpson

Wisconsin has been a mess these last two years, pitting family against family, friends against friends and neighbors against neighbors.   It all really started with the election of Scott Walker when he ran on this platform.

While this statewide civil war has made headlines for three plus years now, there has been an underlying pain in our collective behinds that heretofore has been undiagnosed.   I finally found out what that constant pain is -  Waukesha.

* I am not just talking about the Waukesha man that the only date he can get is with a couch, well they let him out of the city limits to wreak havoc on Delafield.

  A man who was caught last year having sex with a couch discarded on a Wisconsin street pleaded guilty this afternoon to a public lewdness charge.
During a hearing in Waukesha County Circuit Court, Gerard Streator, 47, copped to a misdemeanor charge stemming from September’s illicit curbside encounter.
* Then of course, there is formerly convicted felon Scott Jensen who was heading to a nice long well deserved stay in prison where he belonged until he was able to find a willing DA(Brad Schimel from Waukesha) who would give him a Get Out of Jail Free Card. 

Ask Scott Jensen. The former state Assembly speaker is arguably the most discredited Wisconsin political figure who has not served a jail sentence.
* It is the very same DA - Brad Schimel, who is now running for the job of Attorney General of Wisconsin and away from his DUI conviction.  

 * Thanks to Waukesha and gerrymandered districts, Paul Ryan (R- Wall St.) was allowed to keep his seat over the incredibly more intelligent and qualified Rob Zerban

* No one who was around in the 2012 election will ever forget that the incredibly incompetence of Kathy Nickolaus cost the State of Wisconsin millions of dollars if not a Supreme Court Election.  

*  For those who do not know, instead of taking responsibility for their own actions, they have also been trying to steal Milwaukee's water for ages.  

*  The Waukesha Police arrest and detain people for filming them and then the police chief sued the taxpayers!

*   There is of course Bill Kramer - Nuff Said

*  The ever ridiculous Jimmy Wigderson!

*  In case you missed it, they also just picked up a domestic terrorist in Waukesha - Michael Rinderle.   

* Not to mention various gun incidentshate crimes and of course Mark Chumura.  

And various other problems....

Waukesha, we get it.  You dont like us, and we really do not like you.   Can we somehow learn to get along or must you keep tormenting us with pure ridiculousness?  We can not keep covering for your mistakes and problems forever!

So please, Waukesha, I beg of you.  give us a break!!



  1. Hey, we all need a break and (this would have fit just as nicely yesterday after the picture of the RRD cake picture) nothing like a good laugh about the Truth, from the late comedian, George Carlin.

    So, are any of us really surprised by the Walker crew and their associates, top to bottom?

  2. Sex with a couch? When Rebecca Kleefisch said she thought gay marriage would lead to people marrying tables and other furniture, that sounded ridiculous to most of us -- but she might have been thinking of her neighbors in Waukesha County.

  3. I visited Waukesha for the first time when I was six years old in the 50's. I remember standing in my Uncle's front yard, which was on a hill, and looking all around at the sea of identical houses and shingled roofs, no green space in sight, and thinking: "I would really hate to live here". It just looked so boring.

  4. Capped In The Head is just upset that Waukesha residents WORK for a living, not just belong to a Union.

    1. Ralph, you're so ignorant, you don't even know who wrote this article.

      And I don't give a damn about Waukesha. They're gonna learn real soon that you can't drink money and that without water they're not going to be able to do much.

  5. Waukesha is a parasite of milwaukee and white flight capitol of the state. It is one of the most racist places I've ever been in.