Thursday, April 17, 2014

Questions Regarding The Ellis Incident

As the gentle reader is probably well aware of by now, the disreputable James O'Keefe of the equally disreputable Project Veritas was sicced on Wisconsin State Senator Mike Ellis, which resulted in a rather incriminating video.

Now, we've already discussed how, in the zeal to take out Ellis, they left one of their key operatives, Judith Rhodes Engels, exposed and pretty well implicated in the ongoing Sons of John Doe investigations.

However, there are a lot of questions that have been left unanswered, enough to go around for almost everyone.

The biggest question is "Who called for the hit?"

Some say it was Scott Jensen because Ellis has been opposed to a statewide expansion of the profiteering of the education system.  It's also been said that the orders came from Washington, D.C. (read Reince Priebus, who still has his fingers in a lot of pies in Wisconsin), because he wasn't crazy teahadist enough for them.  I've also heard that the attack on Ellis was nothing more than a decoy to take some of the attention away from Bill Kramer and his sexual assault charges.

But there are many other questions that need to be answered. Some of these include the following:

For Judith Rhodes Engels:

  • Have you and//or how many of these "fake organizations" have you set up for the GOP?
  • Are you currently under investigation for the Sons of Doe probe for illegal collusion between political campaigns and third party groups?
  • Who told you to share the "All Contributions" Excel file with Kelly Rindfleisch as was uncovered during her criminal trial?  
  • Considering that you probably knew that Ellis was being targeted, how much money did you get for your role?
For Kelly Rindfleisch:
  • You were convicted for your role in the original Walkergate misconduct.  Were you taking orders from Rhodes Engels at the time?
  • Who told you how to do the fundraising you did for Brett Davis and then for Scott Walker?
  • Where are you working now?
For Mike Ellis:
  • Is this really how you want your career to end?
  • Are you going to take any action against your attackers or are you going to scoot off with your tail between your legs?
  • If Governor Walker calls a special session, would you go back?  
  • If you do go back for a special session, how much of a rubber stamp for Walker are you going to be?
  • What are you going to do with all that loot in your campaign chest?
For Scott Walker:
  • What did you know and when did you know it?
For Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm:
  • After you clear the legal obstacles that Scott Walker, George O'Keefe and others are trying to put in your way, how much longer before you start slapping cuffs on people? After all, it's pretty damn obvious what is going on here.
It would be nice if the state media would do some sort of follow up, but they are already busy shouting "Squirrel!" over the GOP's latest distraction.


  1. Ellis is a good GOP fail guy.... This is not the first time Mike took one on the chin for the good of the GOP. He was told before to shut up and tow the line, Or we will run some one against you. The water is starting to smell like a real septic tank with the lid off. The shit is getting deep and I think Mike may have given JD more help( If they really needed it) to clean this shit up!

  2. Of course they need it. Lets get real here, no matter the wrongdoing, or how dirty they are we have a different set of rules for the uber rich and these puppet masters are uber rich

  3. With a rug as bad as the one on top of his head, looks like he could have allot of dirt under it to shake out!

  4. I'm of the belief that the pieces are already starting to fall into place. The news that the GAB authorized the Doe probe and then Walker removed his nomination of GAB chairman Deininger for no reason at that time now makes the reason very clear! Now Walker is trying to get the Doe probe before the Supreme Court where his 4 judges have received $8 million in campaign dollars from the Club for Growth and the Wisc. Manufacturers and Commerce who are at the core of the probe makes it obvious that he is running from the shadow of this corruption. It would seem that it is time for the U S Dept. of Justice to step in and bring forth the truth. I don't know who can call for such action but I believe this is how it was handled in California and with Christie in New Jersey.

    1. I believe the DOJ has been contacted and they are reviewing the request. I hope they step in and let them proceed with the John Doe with no more roadblocks. We all know they are trying too hard to stop it. walker seems to have a dream of being in the White House that won't come true. He shouldn't be re-elected and if somehow he is he will never be president! Too many people can't stand him.

  5. "it is time" is the salient phrase!! How much more info does the federal DOJ need in order to move on these creatures? It seems the paths (Rhodes) for following the $$ is well lit now. Wisconsinites have waited long enough for answers! Resolution can be real!!

    1. You are not holding your breath, are you?

      You are not referring to the Obama/Holder what war criminals (Bush/Cheney), what TBTF bank securities/mortgage fraud, what illegal surveillance of US citizens, let's prosecute some patriotic whistle-blowers, and drone out all habeas corpus murmurings, DOJ, are you?